The opening ceremony of the World Artificial Intelligence Conference takes you to explore the "high quality" CCB exhibition area

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Focusing on financial grade platform products that focus on artificial intelligence, distributed, etc., "Beidou Seven Stars", including blockchain platforms, big data cloud platforms, mobile development platforms, artificial intelligence platforms, distributed cloud platforms, container cloud platforms, agile development The leading technical platform of the seven industry, comprehensively covers image video, natural language processing, knowledge map, intelligent voice, intelligent recommendation and other technical direction.

The Ministry of Government Environmental Environment Environment Change CCB promoted the intelligent government strategy, and the intelligence government platform was created into a social governance platform, providing Shanghai to provide excellent earthquan, Huimin, hunting service, helping the government’s digital transformation and business environment. As can be seen from the big screen of the show, CCB intelligence government has achieved the Bank Office of the Administration, and the enterprises and citizens can self-help residence percentage points in any CCB network, medical medicine, provident fund query, financial social security card 10 high-frequency convenience services such as maintenance funds. Pleura Financial Irrigation Economic Popula Financial Exhibition adopts a comprehensive, convenient, diversity of financing as a comprehensive, convenient, diversity of financing as a small-grade, convenient and diversity of financing as a small-grade, convenient and diversity of financial and individual industrial and commercial households.

In particular, CCB took the lead in mobile phone mobile financing new platform "CCB Hui, you" app, a loan measurement, product introduction, appointment, online dishes, Hui En-Enlarge, Cloud Classroom Equisical, realizing the network, mobilization, self-service operation of small micro enterprise loans, as a small enterprise, individual industrial and commercial households with all-round financial and non-financial services. Country revitalization will lead financial live water to the fields of the field in the "Yuong Tong" exhibition. Many visitors are learning about the fresh farming in the "Yongong Ecological Park". This is one of the two platforms that builds a rural pain in Shanghai, relying on the two platforms built by "Yugong Tong". "Yuenong Ecological Park" and "Yuen Music Tour" platform, integrate urban and rural resources, selling through local agricultural products, and introduces urban passenger source for beautiful villages.