To see the two sessions of Dazhou 2 | 2019 how to run? The four sessions of the four sessions of Dazhou have developed a dream plan from nine dimensions.

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  Xinhuanet Chengdu February 23 (Jia Zilai, Long Kezhen) 22nd, at the fourth meeting of the 4th People’s Congress of Dazhou, Dazhou showed the "transcript" in 2018, and planned Nine aspects have to fully implement the 2019 work arrangements.

  meeting venue. Xinhuanet Jia Zijing "This year, it is the 70th anniversary of the founding of New China. It is the crucial year to build a well-off. It is also 20th anniversary of Dazhou, which is crucial." Dazhou Municipal Committee deputy secretary, mayor Guoheng It is said that in 2019, Dada will have to force from nine aspects, including full-scale economic development; gathering construction modern integrated transportation hub; accelerate the promotion of new urbanization; vigorously promote the revitalization of rural villages; in-depth promotion and opening up innovation; Effectively strengthen the construction of ecological environment; oversee finance and tax finance work; accelerate the development of education medical careers; effectively protect and improve people’s livelihood. Talking about strengthening the government’s own construction, Guo Hengxiai said that the people’s satisfaction is the fundamental goal of government work, and the future Dazhou will accelerate the transformation of government functions, strengthen the style of work, and strive to build a satisfactory service government. Deputy Secretary of Dazhou Municipal Party Committee, Mayor Guo Hengxiao Government Work Report.

Xinhuanet Jia Zi came to Guoheng Xiao, said that in 2019, Dazhou plans will realize the total value of regional production increased by more than 8%, and the total retail sales of social consumption has increased by 8%. The local general public budget income increased by 8%, urban and rural residents’ per capita disposable income Increase% and%, urban registration unemployment rate control within%, the increase in consumption price increases in the consumption of residents, while completing the environmental protection and energy conservation and emission reduction target tasks of Sichuan Province. Guo Heng Xiaoyu introduced that in 2018, Dazhou has successfully completed the target tasks determined by the three sessions of the city’s three sessions with the "eight years" activities, and successfully completed the target tasks determined by the three sessions of the city’s four sessions. . Local general public budget income is 10.1 billion yuan, and growth%.

The total investment of fixed assets in the whole society has grown, and the total retail sales of social consumption has increased, the per capita disposable income of urban and rural residents increased by% and%, and the growth rate of various economic indicators was higher than the year ago, higher than the province average. At the same time, in the urban and rural face improvement, the three major attacks and the reform of the promotion of key areas have also achieved gratifying results.