The Agricultural Development Yangchun City Branch launched the "case as the principle, the alarm bell Changming" theme party day activities

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In order to implement the requirements of the strict governance of the party, we have achieved the normalization of warning education. At the meeting, all party members of the bank jointly learned the serious violation of the law and discipline of law and disciplinary discussions and self-discussing and self-seeking. The party branch secretary, and the leader Hong Junxiang Comrade emphasized that the party members and cadres should take the awareness of the honest government, learn from the opposite episode, and the sources of the Qing dynasties are integrity, integrity and self-discipline. This theme party day event, the agricultural issue Yangchun City Branch will warn the education and party building work organically combined, in case the case, the discipline, profoundly warning the party members of the branch.

The bank said that it will continue to promote the management of the party, guide the party members and cadres to consciously improve the law discipline, hold the bottom line, not more red line, build a high-quality development of the agricultural development, build a clean financial ecological environment.