Used, more money, analyzes the traditional brand new energy vehicle protection

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  The value of the new energy used car has always been one of the topics of consumers. After all, this is the big object of the people’s real gold and silver buy back, can’t be thrown for a few years isn’t it? We will sort out the current second-hand car ownership from traditional car brands to new forces, I believe that you can help your future purchase. So today, we will talk about the new energy vehicles currently the most popular traditional brands, see how their preserved rate is.

  This time we pick 4 models, they are macro Miniev, Chang’an Benben EV, BYD Han EV, and GAC Chuan GE3. These four cars are well spent in the past year, in which Hong Guang miniev is a new energy sales for a few months; and the pure electric product launched earlier in Guangqi new energy, GE3 is in the second hand. There is also a certain reference significance. Wuling Hongguang miniev model positioning: mini-vehicle one-year ratio: nearly 80% Undoubtedly, Hong Kong Miniev is definitely the most successful model in the field of domestic micro-pure electric vehicles, this car has reached nearby this year 2.20,000, nearly 10,000 months have exceeded many traditional fuel cars. The key to the success of this car is to know what consumers who buy this level of models do nothing, nothing more and less prices and relatively reasonable configurations, and this car is basically satisfied.

  Since its launch in July 2020, Wuling Hong Kong MINIEV has been sold for more than a year, but there are not many used cars on the market, mainly because users can’t find a good reason to sell it, this The car does not cover an area does not occupy too much liquidity, and it can take up an unlimited new energy indicator in a lot of regions, why not? So according to our survey, the current Hong Kong miniev’s second-hand car preservation rate is surprisingly high. In less than a year, new cars can be sold to about 80% of the original car. In the process of use in the nearly one year, many consumers have put forward some questions about the car, such as the battery life, some models do not have airbags, etc., Wuling is also actively solved, such as launch. The Macaron version with the main driving airbag, and the contingent side seems to have a specific solution, if the next time you can join the fast charge mode should be much better. Changan Benbun model positioning: mini-vehicle one-year ratio: nearly 60% said to Benben E-star, we have to mention the front of this car Changan Ben EV.

As an early miniature pure electric car, the Benben EV that year is also a competitor, but the price of this car is also really high, and it has 80,000 yuan after subsidies. Despite this, Benben Ev can make thousands of sales scores per month, which is not separated from the rigid demand for the vehicle. So what is the current ratio rate of Changan Ben E-STAR? It is understood that this car is currently about 60%, although not as the macro Miniev above, but the overall performance is still in the new energy car. However, we can foresee that with more and more miniature pure electric vehicles on the market, it is not too optimistic about the product 2-3 years from Changan Benben E-Star. BYD Han EV model positioning: Mid-aircraft one year protection rate: Nearly 70% BYD Han is also a new energy product listed last summer, most of the current sales of EV pure version, DM plug-in hybrid version There are 2 models, which can also see the EV pure version of the model is the main product of BYD. BYD Han EV exceeded 6,300 in August this year, and it was the best model in the medium-sized pure electric car. This grade is even better than the Benn E-Star mentioned above. In terms of ratings, BYD Han EV’s preserved rate is close to 70%, but everyone should not be scared by this data. After all, new cars sold for more than a year. At present, the most used cars on the market are I have traveled for thousands of queen cars, so I don’t have a high reference value, and even if I buy a new car to transfer, the used car owner will compatibility according to various situations, this is also Want to pay attention. = Excellent driving texture and the long life mileage are the two major advantages of BYD Han EV users, and like a new car taste, the tire noise is also a careful user to put it on the desktop. However, in general, the performance of BYD Han EV in the same level is still more prominent, and the value ratio after two to three years is to give the time to test. Guangqi Chuanqi GE3 model positioning: small SUV one-year protection rate: nearly 55% GE3 is the veteran model of the new energy of GAC, because there is no particular competitor, so the sales volume of new cars is not bad, 400km + battery life The performance is basically able to meet the most users’ commuting needs. At present, the 2020 GE3 has 3 models, the official guidance of 10,000 yuan is not cheap for a small pure electric SUV. With the arrival of Aiony and Aionv, GE3 is about to complete it in GAC ENA. mission.

  From the above content, you can also see that in fact, the second-hand protection rate of new energy vehicles is not unbearable, this is mainly due to the continuous iteration of the product and the continuous bottoming of new cars, and in policy Under the promotion, more and more consumers are also happy to buy a new energy model.

However, most of these models are all new vehicles, three years or less than two years, and five years later, if the new energy car in your hand is the only model So many years, you can give full play to the product’s tool properties, and maximize the interests as much as possible is the right car ideas.