Xinhuanet VR | Small Town Album is I am the Town, Sichuan Chuanji Town

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  Click on the picture, VR look at "High Plant Pearl Holiday Paradise" Chuanzhu Town.This issue of VR takes you into the main temple town in Songpan County, Aba Prefecture.The main temple town of Minjiang Sichuan is an important transportation hub leading to the natural heritage of the world.

As a multi-ethnic group, such as Tibetan,, returning, and Han, have a distinctive cultural connotation of distinctive characteristics – rich temples, households, catering, crafts, passionate national songs and dances, etc.Culture, as well as Cordyceps sinensis, Snow lotus, Chuanfei mother and other famous Chinese medicine, exudes unique charm to visitors from all over the world.Relying on the ecological humanistic tourism resources and perfect three-dimensional transportation network, Chuanzhu Town is fully enhancing the "Plateau Pearl Town" and "Daxie Village" tourism destination.Open a panoramic experience.