Zhengzhou: Digital Talent Become a hot spot to develop 100,000 digital talents for 3 years

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Original title: Zhengzhou: Digital Talent Strong Hotspot Explaced 3 years to cultivate 100,000 digital talents □ This reporter Bai Qi Gu Wang forward October 23 to 24, the 4th China · Henan Recruitment Innovation and Development Conference was held in Zhengzhou.

At the meeting, the "1 + 7" policy system issued by Zhengzhou City, "Zhengzhou City’s key industry urgently needed to guide talents to guide the directory (2021)" and other important contents.

Among them, the Digital Talents Training Program proposed that 300,000 digital talents were developed for 3 years.

  Zhengzhou vigorously develops digital talents, what does it mean? Intimate service, Talent, this conference, 256 participating units in Zhengzhou, a total of 3706 posts, 4,643 people, of which 692 doctors, accounting for approximately 7%; 3,298 master’s degree, accounting for approximately 25%; 4,845 undergraduate degrees, accounting for about 50%; other 1608 people account for about 18%.

  In addition to the position, Zhengzhou City also opened a business unit recruitment green channel. The relevant person in charge of the Zhengzhou Municipal Bureau of Human Social Security Bureau, setting this area, mainly for high-level urgent need for talents to provide one-stop service, municipal party committee and the Municipal People’s Social Security Bureau on-site office, eligible high-level talents In the green channel, it will be completed in the work, mobilization and other personnel procedures.

  Live recruitment has become a new style of Zhengzhou in talent.

Among them, Zhongyuan Technology City has launched three "live broadcast" activities on three games, live a total of 4 hours in live broadcast; Airport Experimental Zone is conducted on the online "live broadcast" activity, live broadcast for 90 minutes.

  After three years of cultivating 100,000 Digital Talent Conference, one of the information received is concerned is the digital talent training program released by Zhengzhou City.

  According to the relevant person in charge of Zhengzhou City, in early 2021, the Zhengzhou Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government promoted the implementation of digital talent training programs, and strive to deepen the integration of education, guide school enterprises, and build a group of modern industries and high levels. The training base is a talent for the development of 100,000 professional and technical levels and practical operations for Zhengzhou digital economic development. Zhengzhou develops digital economy, what is the advantage? The plan summarizes three points: rich in science and education resources, strong industrial foundation and strong market demand. According to reports, Zhengzhou City’s digital talented year gap is about 180,000. Building a new advantage in the construction of the development, vigorously marching talents, and cultivates the key industries in one side, which is Zhengzhou to build a new advantage.

  Experts said that with 5G technology, "high speed, low delay" supply and demand industrial chain formation, "production terminal + content terminal + server" supply and demand system is rejuvenated. Behind the new model of new state, the support of technical personnel such as digital talents. As an important force to optimize the industrial structure, the important forces of the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries can not be underestimated in this process.

  According to the relevant person in charge of the Zhengzhou Municipal People’s Social Security Bureau, Zhengzhou City has formed Zhengzhou Digital Talent Training Guidance Advisory Committee, Zhengzhou Digital Talent Training Evaluation Alliance, Digital Zhengzhou Industrial Ecotub, has enacted digital talent standards, digital talent training plan rapid Advance. Relying on the 4th China · Henan Recruitment Innovation Development Conference, standing the national team, achieving internationalization, Zhengzhou futuristic period. (Editor: Huang Sha, Yang Xiana) Sharing let more people see the recommended reading.