Read the "Code Red" China’s fight against SARS

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  China to fight the epidemic of pneumonia new crown made significant strategic achievements, the Chinese people focus on highlighting the Fighting Spirit against SARS in the fight against SARS, the ideals and beliefs of a strong burst, again establish the spirit of the flag of the Chinese nation.

The fight against SARS hero exhibited risking his own life, reversed and smell so moving, vigorous and resolute, and red revolutionary culture has deep roots.

  Cultural revolution accompanied by the spread of communism and the birth of the Communist Party of China to produce.

Reign of terror in desperate rebirth tackle tough transit "crises" to "machine" red flag condensation people-oriented early heart and mission, arduous revolutionary years temper of heroic death calmly, burning fire ideals and beliefs of forging the courage play distinctive character. From Shikumen to Tiananmen Square, from Industrial Road to Fuxing Road, revolutionary culture is the source of thought of Chinese Communists, ideal for groups, spiritual calcium, the Communist Party of China from victory to victory, "Code Red." Communist Party of China roots in the people, the blood in the people, the people’s position is a fundamental political stance of the Communist Party of China. Adhere to the faith from the hail of bullets in peacetime did not forget the early heart, "serving the people wholeheartedly" "I am the son of the Chinese people." "I am the servants of the people", "I will without me, live the people" …… and sincere declaration behind the soulful confession, generations of Chinese Communists are the "people first" integrated into the blood, for the benefit of the people of unremitting struggle.

With this belief, generations of outstanding Communists undergo baptism in times of hardship, the Jedi rise from the setback. The new crown in the fight against the epidemic of pneumonia blocking action, "people first" all decisions and once again become the starting point and goal: national implementation of precision zoning classification prevention and control strategies, resolutely curb the spread of the epidemic; ensure that patients "due are collected, treatment should do rule, "Take Measures to care and support for the fight against SARS frontline medical staff; more than 30 hours from birth only to babies over 100 years old, every life have been fully protecting ……" in front of the protection of people’s lives and safety, we must at all costs, we are able to do at all costs.

"This is the result of fighting baptism and proven early heart mission, upright, soul-stirring, it was" the best interpretation of the people first ", this is the most natural, the most simple and most steadfast choice through the centuries of history, we vaguely heard Zhao man, "my doctrine, my faith, never change," the swan song of life, hear "kill Xia Han, and later people" clank oath, to hear the sound of waves Bai martyr that will never fade away , Jiao feel close to the pulse of the masses on the heart …… What makes these communists unafraid of death, turning back, fearless? is the belief that a firm belief in communism, so heroic death-defying spirit unbroken, from generation to generation According to legend, in 2003, the SARS epidemic shrouded in China, which insists on the front line head nurse Ye Xin those infected with the virus, sick she labored pen to write: "Do not come near me, contagious! "Yangtze River floods, the South snow disaster, Wenchuan earthquake, Yushu earthquake …… whenever the country and the people are in critical moment, there is always the Communists to come forward, the first charge. The new crown pneumonia epidemic prevention and control warfare broke out since the various pieces front of the fight against SARS fearless warriors, unafraid of death, retrograde war and come face to face with the virus.

Epidemic prevention and control work, more than 2,000 party members and cadres accidentally infected, nearly 400 party members and cadres killed on duty.

Among them, have the students wish to leave to others while he missed the head of the hospital for treatment, there is never a wedding to honor her husband’s commitment to his wife, but also the expense of leaving young children of mothers in the treatment of post …… Because of these heroic devotion martyrs, and behind them hundreds of thousands of his comrades went to the mission to life with great care for living beings, in order to build an impregnable fortress to protect people’s lives and health on the battlefield in the fight against SARS. Red genetic revolution into the national culture of blood, from generation to generation, the power struggle will inspire millions of people, but also for the national revival will gather enormous spiritual power.

  (Author: Yuan Xiu, the theoretical system of socialism with Chinese characteristics research center of Hebei Province researcher).