Promote learning education for college students

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The number of minority college students in Qingdao Polytechnic University accounted for about 5% of the total number of college students. The school is based on the precision of ethnic minorities and students’ party history, and promotes the accuracy of investigation and research. Plays the exemplary leads and role models, and innovate second The main position of the classroom, measures, in the ethnic minority college students, study and guidance, promote the education of minority college students to learn the effectiveness. MANT, the first class of the first class, during the summer vacation, Qingdao University of Science and Technology Marxist College is based on "Ideological and Morality and the Rule of Law" (2021 Edition) and the new teaching outline, building the first classroom main channel, for a few National college students, form a teaching team. Combine the ideological doubts, theoretical difficulties, practice hotspots, and effectively integrate the key points, difficulties and doubts in the textbook.

Closely combined with the concerns of minority college students, constantly enriching the teaching content, and uses fresh cases to guide students to see international and domestic hot events. For the perspective or conclusions of not understanding, "why" is clear, put "What is" explained, the history of the Chinese Communist Party is practicing the mission of the Chinese Communist Party, and the students’ conscious learning party’s basic theoretical knowledge, use Historical thinking, correctly grasp the trend and historical trend of the times.

Improved, advancement of investigation and research accurateized Qingdao University of Science and Technology United Work Theory Research Base Selected 426 ethnic minorities in colleges and universities in Yingqing as a survey object, comparative research on the characteristic quantity of data, different groups, and related relationships And further analyzes the causes of differences by structural interviews. The final survey data shows that the willingness of the minority college students will be higher, accounting for%; "services to the people" account for a relatively high, more than a total of the party members in the political look of ethnic minorities;% Minority college students understand the content of the party’s history, especially for military, local history, character, culture, etc.

According to this survey, the school innovative minority college students study education model, use live red resources, tell the red story, sing the red melody, and the launna silently guided the hunt of the ethnic college students, the mission, and inspire the mission. Chongde, the words "learning history" is the pursuit of spiritual level and the source of struggle, "Lid Tree" is the core or fundamental task of ideological and political education. The school has built the party history education and education propaganda group, adhering to "peers education" in the education education of party history, with the side of the world, to demonstrate the side of the people, give full play to the leading force and appeal of the example. At the same time, the establishment of ethnic college students’ growth files, extensively publicized the typical development of the trees in the party history education, and actively drive minority college students to participate in the school, the college activities, promote the exchange of minority college students and Han college students, and condense in communication Party history cultural consensus.

Power, innovative second classroom main position school according to the customs and cultural characteristics of different ethnic minorities, through innovative thinking, dance, chorus, recitation, etc., to show a magnificent hundred-year-old party history Out, let the party history study and education learn "national flavor". The school combined with minority college students revitalize their hometowns, with the party building group construction, establishing "Youth Red Building Tour – Rural Revitalization" Temporary Group Branch, absorbing minority students to members of the provisional group branch, and carry out special production of agricultural products e-commerce platform construction and Marketing program research, "wisdom" national regional economic and social development and rural revitalization.

The second classroom activity also combines party history culture and minority culture, carrying out the "The Party History of the ‘Festival History’" Topics Education Activities, Give Extensions of the Ethnic Ethnic Students, and Carry out "Knowledge Competition" "Revolutionary Education Base Visit the "Party History Story I will talk" and other activities. At the same time, use "New Media Technology + Party History Learning Education Model", talking about the party’s story, spreading the party’s theory, and promoting party history education and education "new" is more worrying. (This newspaper correspondent Li Xiaohui Shayu).