On the occasion of the debris, the 55th endorsement veterans did such a decision

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Shen Fu’s donation certificate.

Cai Dai Bing’s photo "I have been in bed for more than 40 days. I hope to donate the body to the medical school after I am walking. I have seen it from Jane …" Recently, the 80-year-old party member of Donggang Town, Xishan District, Wuxi, entrusted her son. Shen Dongbiao contacts the local Red Cross, expressing the wish of donating the body. Shen Fuyuan, born in 1942, from 1960 to 1965, in the army, in the army, when the troops were investigated and the squad leader, on October 1 this year, the party age has reached 55 years.

In August this year, Shen Fun, the old man once again treated cancer.

"Doctor examination found that father cancer shifted, there is no longer possible to eat and drink water, weigh up from more than 120 pounds before admission," responsible for taking care of his father’s Shen Dongbian said, the disease has deteriorated sharply, Let your father begin to think about it.

"I am thinking, people can always do something that is meaningful to the country." Idea and language expressions are still very clear, Shen Fu, the old man explained, "I don’t want to settle back after walking, don’t run the ceremony, through the donation of the body Realize green funeral, easy to move.

"When I heard the father, I was surprised when I was in this idea, but because my father is a veteran, a poverty of poverty is always strictly demanding himself and her children. It is also said that it is not two. Shen Dongbiao knows that his father should have made decisions. .

When discussing with your family, some relatives and friends don’t understand the practice of Shen Fuyuan, but after Shen Dongbiao and your brother, I still decided to respect my father’s choice. "After all, this is the final wish of my father, and donating the body for medical anatomical practice, for cultivating Excellent medical talents, promote medical development, also have practical significance. "A family discussed, and the elderly continued to urge son to do donation procedures.

Xu Li Li, the Red Cross Society, said that after receiving the donation request of the elderly, I immediately contacted Professor Wu Professor Jiangnan University Medical College, and took a procedure on September 28 to send the donation certificate to the old people’s ward. Because Shen Fu’s elderly people can’t eat and drink water, accompany the Shen Dongbiao around the father to wash the father to the father every day, rub the bleeding and fresh cucumber patch to relieve the shortcomings of the father’s body. On September 26th, when the relevant departments of Donggang Town, when the old man, the old man did not say clearly with dialects, including the total of seven soldiers in the inner family, and they can do one for the party and He is very proud of the national meaning.

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