The third day of the National Skating Championship: Heilongjiang Province players won 3 gold medals

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On the 22nd, the 2020-2021 season National Skating Championship in Heilongjiang Province has entered the third game. With the debut of Gaitingyu, Ning Zhongyan and other famous men’s men and women in the day, the short distance of the men and women (1), the men and women are all 1000 meters (1) and the men and women group chasing a total of 6 small groups, Heilongjiang team harvest 3 gold 2 silver 3 copper. In a short distance of 500 meters (1) competition, Pingchang Winter Olympics, the project, the bronze medal, Gao Tingyu, won the champion; the first three of the women’s short distance 500 meters (1) by Xinjiang Tian Ning, Jilin Zhao Xin and Jin Jingzhu Get; in the short distance of 1000 meters (1) competition, in recent years, the long-term growth of Heilongjiang Province Ningzhong has harvested the gold medal. The other Heilongjiang Province player Xu Fu won the bronze medal; in the women’s project, Zhao Xin in Jilin Yin Qi, Tani Ning and Heilongjiang in Xinjiang won the top three; the gold medal of men’s groups chased by the Xinjiang and Shenyang Sports Institute won the team, the team of Gao Pengfei in Heilongjiang won the bronze medal; the female group chased the gold medal The first three teams of the women’s all-in-plane mixed team ended on the 21st, including Chen Xiangyu in Heilongjiang.

On the 23rd, the National Skating Championship will enter the last match day, and the short distance of men and women will be 500 meters (2), and the short distance of men and women is 1000 meters (2) and the men and women.

(Reporter Yang Lei) (Editor: Li Hongqi, Zhao Yi).