Under the new historical conditions, how to continuously enhance the party’s class base and expand the party’s foundation?

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  In the new historical period, our party must constantly enhance the party’s class base and expand the party’s foundation.

First, enhance the party’s class’s class base must always adhere to the nature of our party workers’ class pioneers. With the development of reform and opening up and socialist modernization, my country’s working class itself has undergone major changes.

The team of the working class is growing in the growth, the overall ideological and moral quality and scientific and cultural quality of the working class are increasing. The advanced nature of the working class is in development, and the party’s class foundation is also increasing; secondly, it is necessary to actively and steadily absorb the excellent molecules in the new social class to join the party organizations and continue to expand the party’s foundation.

The great cause of socialist modernization and socialism with Chinese characteristics is a long-term and arduous task. It requires all aspects of the whole society to be loyal to the excellent molecules of the motherland and socialism, led the masses to promote the masses. .

This requires us to combine the enhanced party class foundation and the basis of expanding the party’s masses. Only in this way can we improve our party’s combat power, influence and cohesiveness of our party. (China Communist Party of China, Party School, Party School).