Tieli Municipal Media Center fully built the "four-way force" construction path

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With the strong leadership and support of the Tieli Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government, the Tieli Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government, strive to build management, hardware, channels, content "four-way force", and fully enhance the mainstream media public opinion guidance.

In-depth integration resources to create a new mode of management. Taking Tieli City Radio and Television Station as the core, integrate public media resources such as WeChat, Weibo, etc. The "three unity" working modes of the manuscript of the manuscript.

Implementing a competitive salary mechanism, 30% of employee allowance subsidies and year-end one-time bonuses as performance assessment funds, and shortcomings from financial subsidies. In the first half of 2021, through the full media platform, a total of 5,289 information was issued around the city’s key tasks and the propaganda work issued by the national provinces, including 562 TV news, 4,727 new media public accounts; 509 are released from the provincial and Yichun TV and new media ends.