The strong base is constructed to be good as Fuzhou Taichuan procuratorate "Reflections" on the road

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Since this year, the People’s Procuratorate, Fuzhou City, under the strong leadership and support help of the superior procuratorate, fasten weak lesions, precision Shi Shi, continue to do excellent team management and prosecution business, and push the "Refined Strong First". Adhere to the leadership, the tree is guided and then the bunch of geese high flying geese. The Taijiang District Procuratorate was lagged behind the housing and information construction of the SMEs. Since December 2020, it is determined to be a member of 129 work relatively weakly grassroots procuratorates across the country, and the hospital party group is highly valued. Find the cause of the cause.

In the first time, I set up a "thin-first" work leading group, formulated work programs, clear mission list, set up three teams construction, characteristic bright spots, basic construction, responsible for the leadership of the leadership, combined with the implementation of the school leadership, and implement Every month, one supervision, a report, personally promote the implementation of all specific tasks, and effectively compact the responsibility.

The leaders of the hospital took the lead in the major difficult complex sensitive cases, took the lead in the order of the case, took the lead in hosting public hearing, took the lead in studying, and set an example for the police to establish an example. Adhere to the hematopoietic hematopoietic hematopoieties, the team has changed again to firmly grasp the idea, the ability, and the mechanism. To carry out team education rectification, party history education is an opportunity, through centralized learning, special party class, theme salon, etc. Waiting for a series of new judicial philosophy, with the spirit of "Encycloped", everything is a case, every real thing. According to the actual team of the team, adjust the political training and business training content. Through the advanced typical type around the tree, a pair of tuning, competition, youth dry police turn flow, actively build an example, capability display, practice exercise platform, a batch Young police officers quickly stood out. Formulates the "Implementation Opinions on Cultivating Excellent Outstanding Young Cadres" and other documents, comprehensive standardization of post training, assessment incentives, inspect and accountability, etc. Work hard to create a work atmosphere.

Adhere to targeted therapy, quality and effectively improve the focus problem short board, strengthen tracking supervision.

To carry out the special review of the political and legal team education, especially the "drunk driving" case, the weak link in the process of investigating the prosecution, through the responsibility of the responsibility, the accountability, document abolition, the proceeds, etc. Renovation of judicial irregularities and regulatory problems.

Establish business quality monthly report analysis, the party group listened once a month report, and analyzed the core data performance in one item by item, and timely study the problem of solving existence, and combined with the implementation of the strict governance party conference, "three provisions" month The mechanism such as reporting, negative list, and detained the police to perform their duties.

Since this year, various core data indicators have improved, and the overall prosecution business is good, "the case – a piece is more" walks in the city. Adhere to party building leaders, highlight brand reorganization will give full play to the driving role of the red engine. Continue to polish the "four-fine" party building, inspiring the majority of party members to go, the tree banner, do the form, and carry out the "Opinions on Strengthening the Law Supervision of the Procuratorial Organization of the New Era", in-depth development , Use the color test of the people’s judicial test. Actively brighten the sword procuratorial litigation, ancient protection, 江 流 生 生 修Waiting for highlight brands, in extension of minors to protect the tentacles, prevent the resolution of financial risks, service private economies, etc., further implementation "there is a reply" system of "people’s letters and interviews", deepen judicial assistance, public hearing, and strongly promote social contradictions Solution, in order to promote the construction of the city’s social governance, the construction of the service desk river modernization international city core area is actively contributing to the procuratorial intelligence and strength.

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