Hengxian: Party Building + E-commerce Leading Industry Development Helping Rural Revitalization

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In recent years, the total branches of Liu Xiun Village, Taoun Town, Hengxian Town have played the role of fighting fortress, strive to work hard, united, seize the development opportunities, and promote the rural location through "strengthening party construction, e-commerce leads the poor, strengthening environmental remediation" Revitalizing, and obtained the title of "Nanning City Advanced Grassroots Party Organization this year."

Strengthening the party construction work, consolidating grassroots organization construction "We will arrange a concentration study or to the conference room self-study, implement the first post, strictly abide by the eight provisions of the Central Committee, and insist on the implementation of the higher-level party committees about leading cadres. Strengthen its own integrity construction.

The Secretary of the Party Branch of the Liu Xiun Village Party Branch of Tao Town, Hengxian Town.

A branch is a fortress, a party member of a banner. The total branch of Liu Xiun Village, Taoun Town, Hengxian County took the "two studies and one" activity as an opportunity. The party branch revisited the party’s "three sessions and one lesson" requires, organized all party members and cadres to learn, according to the unforgettable, remember the demand, Give the party members and cadres, learn new development philosophy together, and explore the importance of winning the poverty alleviation and fighting the hard work.

At the same time, give full play to the role of the village-level activity position, regularly carry out partkeering distance education and on-site training, multi-level training, organize party members and villagers to participate in new farmers practical technical training and rural e-commerce poverty alleviation leadership training, and improve the masses Self-created and rich collar, inspiring the responsibility of the majority of party members, service awareness, strengthens the cohesiveness and combat power of grassroots party organizations. E-commerce leads the poverty, realizing income, getting rich in income, walking into the hundred-scented cultivation base in Liu Xiun Village, Tao Town, Heng County, looking at it, green vine climbing the bracket, mature, the rough fruit is full, fruit four overflow .

Liu Xiun Village, Tao Sail Town, Hengxian Town, established six Sixun Village, Baixu Fruit Professional Cooperative, developing a hundred-string fruit acre through "cooperative + farmers", with an annual output of 100,000 pounds, and a hundred full of revenue of about 5,000 yuan / mu.

Under the leadership of e-commerce, under the leadership of the Party Branch of Liu Xiun, create "party building + e-commerce + poverty alleviation" model, after collecting the villagers, online sales, online sales price reaches Yuan / catties, Villagers found sales and improved product benefits, greatly increased income.

Xie Yanqing, the head of Heng County Liu Xiyong Information Society, said: "We will go directly to the village to acquire, and sell villagers through the e-commerce platform, there are also thousands of kilograms of sales." Hengxian Tao Town Six Sixth Branch If you want to improve the village-level collective economic income, first enter the share of 100,000 yuan to the village of Tao Luyu Town, the fruit and vegetable planting cooperatives, develop greenhouce fruit and vegetable, 8,000 yuan in the year, as a short-term collective economic income; the end of 2016, six Xiu Yingshui Factory In the trial operation, the annual income is expected to revenue to 50,000 yuan; cooperate with the farming enterprises in Tao Tao Town, a farming base of the annual meat chicken 40,000 feathers, and build a modern poultry slaughter factory; create a production, supply, sales The industrial chain, through demonstration, providing technical support, labor positions, etc., providing powerful assistance in rural resurgence in Six Village. Wei Zhen Investment, secretary of the party’s total branch of Liu Xiun Village, Tao Shu Town, Hengxian County, said: "In recent years, our six Xiuxun Village has vigorously develop e-commerce to lead the poor, successfully complete the mission of the poverty reduction, the next step we will vigorously support the development of e-commerce leading the country Revitalizing the construction, the construction of the main slaughterhouse In the past, there was a typhoon, and there was a heavy rain in the village. After heavy rain, we took a party member and volunteer to take the initiative to clean the water, garbage. "Liu Xiun Village, Tao Town, Heng County Wei Zhen Zhen, secretary of the party’s total branch.

In order to strengthen environmental remediation, promote the use of mobile radio, entering the village, the six-way, leaflet, the prize question and answer, etc. Education, especially the villagers are required to actively classify garbage, put into garbage designated collection points, and develop a good habit of "everyone to talk about hygiene, love cleaning", and actively create a good atmosphere to protect the ecological environment. The work laid the foundation of the masses. Many village conferences have been held, organize the people’s people to participate in democratic consultations, teachigraphics, and people to participate, have dispatched more than 500 people, and clean up the survival of garbage, health dead angles, clean up 30 tons of garbage, and remove 21 ponds 21 , 14th, "micro-garden, microeco garden, micro garden" three micro-construction 40, "three clear three demolition" effects are obvious, so that the country is getting better and better. (Wei Yan Chen Qiyue) (Editor: Li Minjun, Huang Yuxi) Sharing let more people see.