Guangqing Urban is actually connected to Guangzhou Railway Station

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Original title: Guangqing Urban Joint Joint Journalists learned on December 7, the third EIA is publicized in the North Extension of Guangzhou Metro No. 18, 22, revealed the latest planning. Guangqing City, "Borrow" high-speed subway access to Guangzhou Railway Station to achieve Guangqing Intercity "subway". Guangqing Intercity Railway is an intercity railway connected in Guangzhou and Qingyuan City in Guangdong Province, which is from the north and south, and is part of the Zhu Delta Intercity Railway.

Among them, Guangqing Intercity Nanta Line has Guangzhou Baiyun Station, Baiyun Lake Station, Jiang Gao Station, Shenshan Station.

  According to the original design, Guangqing City is built into the scope of the national iron (railway station).

The public announcement shows that the line intends to adjust the "site" entering the subway, which means that this intercity railway operation by Guangzhou Metro will be more "subtro", in the design stage, with other subway lines seamlessly, future is expected and subway Integrated transfer, even running.

  Earlier, the North Extension of No. 18 proposes the constructing of the Guangzhou North Railway Station, and Guangqing Intercity, realizing Qingyuan Express to Guangzhou East Railway Station. According to the latest planning, Guangqing Intercity and high-speed subway is connected to Guangzhou Railway Station. The latter leads to Guangzhou East Railway Station, Guangqing Intercity In this "Borrow" high-speed subway, you can enter Guangzhou East Railway Station.

  In addition, Guangqing Intercity Nanta Line Construction has new progress. Guangqing Intercity Nanta Line Accommunicate Street River Special Bridge – The Right Lead Bridge Completed the Sweet Moving Module, and the mobile modeling raw beam construction is a key project of Guangqing Intercity South Extension Project. To ensure that the project’s first mobile module is planned, the project construction team innovation uses a more advanced upstream mobile model construction, and a set of frames can be used multiple turnover. It has high mechanization, good safety, and the construction transition Fast and other advantages. Guangqing Intercity Nanta Line is the double-line intercity railway, the line is about 22 kilometers long, and Guangzhou Baiyun Station intercity field and Baiyun Lake, Jiang Gao, Shenshan 3 elevated station.

After the project is completed, it is expected to be only half an hour from the central area of ??Qingyuan to Guangzhou.

  At the same time, Guangqing Intercity Qingyuan North Extension line construction is also carried out in the middle of the Qingcheng District, and there are a plurality of bridge piers.

Guangqing Intercity Qingyuan North Extension line started from Guangqing Intercity Qingyuan (Qingcheng) Station, from the northern end of the station, pass through Yanhu New Town, along Qingyuan Avenue, in the west side of Wuhan-Guangzhou high-speed rail Qingyuan station, wear north Cross-North River, Jingxia Mountain to the West, Tongda Vocational Education City, the Subject Center of the 16th Sports Association, etc., the Qingyuan Olympic Sports Center, which plays a significant role in the development of Qingyuan future transportation.

Since Guangqing Intercity Railway Extension will occupy some section of Qingyuan Avenue, Qingyuan Avenue needs to be transformed.

Expansion of Qingyuan Avenue will occupy the original power line corridor, in order to cooperate with Guangqing Intercity Qingyuan North Extension line construction, in August this year, the South Power Grid Guangdong Qingyuan Qingcheng Power Supply Bureau has successfully completed 10 ktavarian garden line A line After remembering the original line, it is necessary to have a thousand meters of open space lines. After the cable is laid, the cable will be completed after the completion of the line will be the expansion of Qingyuan Avenue and the overall construction of Guangqing Intercity North Pile Line. ".

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