CITIC Jianban: Carbon, medium and strict control of electrolytic aluminum production can expand the low-carbon aluminum regeneration aluminum

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  Securities Times Network News, CITIC Jianota’s latest development reported that from supply, affected by carbon neutralization dual-control and supply side reform Global strict control of electrolytic aluminum production can expand, China 45 million tons capacity index has been planned, overseas developed countries Restricting electrolytic aluminum production capacity, developing new production capacity in developing countries takes time, future aluminum supply growth relies on regenerative aluminum and existing electrolytic aluminum in construction.

It is estimated that China’s electrolytic aluminum production increased by 960,000 tons in 21 years. It has an increase of 1.5 million tons in 2022, and overseas production capacity is stable. It is expected that the annual output of global electrolytic aluminum growth is 4%; from demand, it is expected that aluminum consumption follows real estate completion and infrastructure Investment remains stable, and also benefits from the rapid growth of photovoltaic and new energy vehicles. It is expected that the growth rate of global consumption in 22 years is 5%. In 2022, the electrolytic aluminum shortage is 6 million tons; the supply of electrolytic aluminum is limited, and the demand is stable. It is expected that aluminum prices and electrolytic aluminum profits are expected to continue, it is recommended to pay attention to the regenerative aluminum plate Mingtai aluminum industry, embarrassing resources and low-carbon hydropower aluminum standard. CDM statement: All works of "Source: China Securities and Securities Network", copyrights belong to China Securities News. China Securities News, the author of the Securities, the author of the author, any organization does not use the above works without the transfer of the Chinese Securities, the Securities Network and the author’s written authorization, abstract or otherwise use the above works.

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