Hebei vigorously implements the "Butterfly Plan" in the company

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Original title: Hebei vigorously implemented the "Butterfly Make Plan" to aims the motherboard, the GEM, and Kechief, etc. More than 50 capital markets that transport the listed counseling record key enterprises are important channels for corporate financing. In order to speed up the upgrade of Hebei industrial transformation, promote the first public issuance of the stock and listed, and accelerate the capital force, it is strong, and recently, the Hebei Provincial Department of Industry and Information is issued "Promoting the" Work Plan "of the" Work Plan "of the Listing of the Company.

The program proposes, aiming at the main board, the GEM, the Book-making board, etc. For the first time, public issuance of stocks and listed the issuance conditions, grasp the golden period of enterprises, and achieve high quality development with capital power.

The program determines the work objectives: accelerating a group of listed tutorial professional institutions, docking a batch of potential enterprises, promoting a number of key enterprises, transporting a batch of counseling filing companies, developing and strengthening an entrepreneur using capital power Team. 2021 – 2025, striving for more than 500 service listed potential companies, and transferred more than 50 listed counseling record key enterprises. Selection of potential companies.

We can improve the discovery and identification mechanism of listed potential enterprises, focusing on "specializing in the new" SMEs, specialty industries, industry leaders, and high-growth innovative enterprises, comprehensively investigate and exploreline, according to main business, management, financial indicators , Research and development, competitive advantage, etc. There are about 10 people around the Xiongan New District. The provincial level will select 100 enterprises from the municipal listing potential enterprises, incorporating the listed potential enterprise library, focusing on cultivating, counseling services. Adhere to classification. For the implementation of "gestation, growth, butterfly" rolling in the library enterprises, guide the enterprise to accurately select the listing sector, promote the main business, high profit level, good market prospects, and promote the listing of industrial policies and technology. High and strong enterprises go to Kechuang or GEM.

For "pregnancy period" enterprises, focusing on training exchanges, visiting exam, typical guides, etc., broadcasted corporate vision, dispel corporate concerns, solve the problem, and unwilling problems.

For the "growth period" enterprise, key guidance enterprises to strengthen cooperation with equity investment institutions, promote standardization of financial legal, establish effective internal control system; support enterprises to implement key core technical research, expand market space, solve the short board, do not dare to go on the problem .

For the "Butterfly Evergrand Expansion" enterprises, focus on the implementation of joint-stock transformation, improve legal governance system, help docking the listing experience, outstanding performance, industry sector, providing enterprises with accurate guidance services, solving enterprise is not professional, can’t The problem. Implement the grading responsibility. Strengthen service awareness, open up green channels, responsible for the division of labor, up and down, mutual cooperation, and actively respond to business concerns and solve the problem of enterprises. Provincial level is responsible for overtaking the pre-provincial enterprises listed counseling, establish special activities such as listing service institutions, carry out special activities such as listing training, diagnostic consultation, coordinating major issues in the process of listed enterprises, etc. Prepare.

The municipal level is responsible for guiding the implementation tasks of the county (city, district) to implement the task of implementing the listing of listed consultations, and promoting the establishment of a modern enterprise system, coordinating the problem of impacting the issuance of enterprises.

The county level is implemented to the enterprise, enhancing the listing of entrepreneurs, and do a good job in the organization and docking work of listed training services, and coordinates specific difficulties and problems such as funds, technology, and markets such as enterprises. (Reporter Mi Yushu) (Editor: Fang Tong, Zhu Dragon Super) Sharing Let more people see recommendation reading.