Fight against the epidemic Dalian people in action (3)

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  In November 2021, the new crown pneumonia epidemics came, let Dalian press the pause button again.

The epidemic prevention and control work is grim, in order to control the epidemic as soon as possible, protect the people’s physical and mental health, Dalian City requires that one person does not fall, cover the nucleic acid detection of the whole people.

In this important moment, the important moments of Zhong Zhi Chengcheng also the responsibility and obligation of the people of the people.

  Jinzhou Minjin In November 16, Jinzhou Division, the Grand Council of the Ministry of Public Ently, Jinzhou District, actively responded to the call of the Ministry of Democreban Committee and Jindu New District, organized part of the first-line anti-v.curry workers who visited the street community.

The Jinzhou Minjin four branches took a group of more than a dozen people to Wang Ting, Director Wang, visited the Dagushan Street Pengyun Community and Dagushan Street Seajing Community, and sent 20 boxes of fruit worth more than 5,000 yuan for the first-line staff of the community. , 40 boxes of milk, 20 boxes of mineral water, etc., for the first-line staff to send a support of the people. The staff said that although the weather is cold, the task is heavy, but it can get warmth and care from all walks of life, all fatigue and grievances are worth it. They will work harder and try their best to keep the epidemic prevention and control the first line! Three branches, the third branch of the Ministry of Denkova, which is mainly used by the healthy sector, after receiving the emergency collection of nucleic acid collectors from Jinpu New District, and then in the battle of the epidemic prevention and control. . After receiving the mission, the branch of the branch, after receiving the mission, quickly and colleagues started to organize distribution materials, prepared for nucleic acid detection; members Liu Wei as the leadership leadership of the competent epidemic situation, not staying at night, participating in the organization deploying epidemic prevention and control command; Liu Xiaoyan, deputy director of the branch, member Guo Qingli, Xiao Xuemei, Yang Jingfang, etc. At the same time, the whole process participates in the three-wheeled nucleic acid collection … The third branch of the people in the Jinzhou District is not afraid of cold, not afraid, Sometimes the end of the collection is returned home. It is a late night. When the new assembly is released, she (he) does not hesitate to sign up! Member Wang Zhixin Jinzhou District Grand Council Member, Liaoning Hengchang Sheng Energy Technology Co., Ltd. Liaoning, Wang Zhizheng’s response to the people of the Minjin Municipal Committee, actively investing in the exhibition of exhibition, responsible for assisting the transportation departments to strengthen the expressway trucks and drivers. Wang Zhikan is mainly responsible for checking the Liaoyong green code of each car through this intersection from 8:30 to 18:30 every day, mainly inspecting the Liaoyong Green Code, State Countries, and 24-hour nucleic acid test report. And do your registration of each truck number and destination.

Because the drivers come from the north of Heaven, language exchange is not very comfortable. He must make a clear requirement for the driver, but also pay attention to keeping the vehicle waiting to enter the high speed in the intersection. In the work, he overcome the difficulties, and completes approximately more than 200 units of vehicles every day, lunch and dinner are also taking time to take a look at the open air.

He said: "This is the work of every volunteer!" Wang Zhigan said that the Dalian epidemic did not stop one day. His job did not end a day. He firmly believed that the epidemic will be in the past. Let us work together, "epidemic" start! Zhongshan Minjin In Action on November 15th, the Ministry of Public Improvement Zhongshan District, in response to the Ministry of Democreban Committee and the CPC Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, and went into Zhongshan Kwai Ying Street to visit the anti-v.cuba worker in front. Directors, Directors and Secretary-General, Secretary-General, Secretary-General, Secretary-General, Deputy Director, Deputy Director of the CPC Central Committee, Die Chengcheng, and the Ministry of Middle School, the Grassroots Committee of the Minzhong, the representative of more than 10 people participated in the donation activities.

Among the activities, the Ministry of Middle School Committee made a total value of nearly 5,000 yuan for the staff of the community epidemic prevention, epidemic prevention supplies. In addition to the donation site, members of the Grassroots Committee of the Minjin Zhongshan District are also active in various positions fighting the epidemic.

Zhang Xuyang, the head of the Ministry of Municipal Committee of the Minjin Zhongshan University, the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Education, a comprehensive part of the Ministry of Lord, the volunteer service in the Isolated Hotel, the member Yang Hong, Sun Liping and other teachers insisted on doing a good job in online teaching counseling work, guarantee Suspension of classes without suspending school.

  Although the weather is cold, the epidemic is repeated, but all the people in Zhongshan District will protect our homes in the actual action, unforgettable, all of the people to defend our homes. .