Chaoyang District launched "more numerous children" public rental housing filing family rental work

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People’s Network Beijing October 16th (Reporter Gao Xing) According to the "Notice of" Notice on Strengthening the Qualification Review and Distribution Management of Public Lease Housing "(Beijing Construction (2021] No. 8, hereinafter referred to as" Notice " ) The spirit of the document, implement the implementation of the central fertility policy, combined with the actual situation in Chaoyang District, the Chaoyang District Housing Authority has a large number of non-adult children who have received public rental housing and has not yet been expesed, and distributed This precision rent is carried out in the way. The rental listings involve Yansu Niberocjiao home project (situated as the Coking Factory Cooperatory Plant in Chaoyang District, the listing area is square meters, the rent standard is 60 yuan / square meter · month) and Yansu · Shuangqiao Home Project (located in Double Bridge Middle Road, Chaoyang District, Chaoyang District, the listing area of ??42 yuan / square meter) two public rental housing projects, all of the property rights units Beijing Safe Housing Construction Investment Center. Family included in this rental of this competition is a Chaoyang District of the "Number of minor children" in the public rental housing before September 30 (inclusive), and has not yet subscribed for sale.

From October 11th to 13th, 2021, the 175-house household household in Chaoyang District issued a list of 175 households in Chaoyang District, on October 15, 2021, selected housekeeping time One day, the listings of this rental are large-purpose and medium-sized, and the number of homes is more sufficient. All families can choose larger sets of homes.

In the Senior Site, the rental house, the rental house, the rental family representative follows the guidance of the staff, first viewing the building area, apartment, rent, orientation, etc. of the rental listing. And write down the favorite number.

Thereafter, the preselection is performed at the call number verification area, and finally go to the neighborhood to confirm the signature. "My family has two children, and now I live with the elderly, and the space is more crowded.

This time I chose the middle set of listings, rent, and the size of the size is right.

"Ms. Hu, just selected, told reporters that the position of public rental housing is very close to her unit and child school. It is more convenient to pick up the child." I am very grateful to this benefit policy of the government, let our housing problem is resolved.

Ms. Hu is pleased to say that before signing, the Chaoyang District housing security management department will conduct qualification review for the waiting rate of the waiting room for more than one year.

Through the qualification review, it is still in line with the "Multiple Family of Minor" and the family to accommodate the households with the selected housing set. Faisten in the review or qualification of the review is not passed by the specified time limit, and this selection is regarded as invalid, and the property rights unit is not allowed to check in. (Editor: Bao Congying, Gao Xing) Sharing let more people see.