37% of the West Coast of Palestine, a vaccination

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According to the news from Palestine, the work of Palestinian vaccination is steadily. At present, 37% of the vaccination target population in the West Coast vaccination vaccination, and the Gaza region has reached 14%. According to Palestinian "Daily News" 3837 cases, accounting for% of diagnosed cases.

At the same time, the Palestinian Ministry of Health also pointed to curb the epidemic, in addition to the necessary measures, the Palestini has also accelerated the vaccination work of the vaccine. In the past 4 days, there were thousands of people in the Gaza vaccinated that vaccination increased to 18,1271; 634,715 people were vaccinated in the West Bank of the Jordan River.

Among the above vaccination, 4,513,37 were inoculated with two agents.

The Ministry of Health emphasizes that the vaccination in the Gaza region accounts for%, and the vaccination in the West Bank of Jordan accounted for%. Saleh, deputy director of the Palestinian Ministry of Education, said that the vaccination work in the Gaza region and the West Coast of Jordan River will be shared by: Gao Ge, Changhong) to share more people.