43 flights in Harbin Airport by snowfall

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People’s Network Harbin on March 21, from Heilongjiang Airport Group, March 21st, Harbin City ushered in snowfall weather, as of 13, due to snowfall weather, 43 flights in Harbin Airport delayed. After the snowfall, Harbin Airport will immediately start the Qing ice making plan. At 4:30 in the morning of the 21st, 14 sets of sweeping cars were dispatched, and the side is clear, the human-machine combination, a variety of large mechanical combination operations, etc. Ice and snow, focus on the runway, taxiway, and the apron.

At the same time, quickly organize staff uninterrupted to clean up to the corridor bridge, airport, and ensure that the airport is unblocked. In response to this snowfall, Harbin Airport deployed Qing Snow and Flight Safeguards. All departments have close collaboration, collaborative linkage, unified research judgment, unified command, unified action, flight area management department, on-site operation command center, air tube tower and machinery tower implementation of the four-party joint, mechanism, effectively, fully coordinate the runway, taxiway, Stopping on the pings. More than 10 additional ice-free operations were dispatched by the Harbin Airport Location. The Passenger Service has added a call in the waiting hall to provide consulting services for passengers. Airport Red Method Volunteers actively assist airlines to maintain site order and provide guidelines, help and other services for passengers.

At the same time, Harbin Airport adheres to the "characters", strictly implement the normalized epidemic prevention and control measures to ensure that the passengers are safe and smooth.

(Han Ting, Wen Tianyi) (Editor: Wang Sidi, Li Zhongshou).