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"Hard, hard, really thank you very much!" Recently, Hechi Supply Bureau service team members came to the East Village in Town stuffy help move new home demolition of the old meter Tan Donglie old line. In recent years, service Hechi Hechi Supply Bureau old revolutionary base areas, deepen the Party of study and education, close to the grassroots needs, respond to the concerns of party members, comply with the people we look forward to always adhere to the party central enterprises surname, strengthening grass-roots party organizations, and give full play CCP Branch and vanguard and exemplary role of party members. "Learning" to promote thinking, reinforce learning really understand the true basis for study and education History is beginning to temper the heart of the mission of "compulsory"; a firm ideals and beliefs of the "foundation stone"; is a continuation of the struggle "booster" re-starting.

Hechi Power Supply Bureau co-ordinating body for each sub-branch "Personal self-+ + expert coaching and will focus on" the three stages of learning reinforce the Party, the party really understand good grasp of history, science really really believe it really.

The council majority of party members to history as a mirror to the history of Ming, in the form of the central group, party themes and Japan, combined with the actual conduct party history story, micro lectures, reading activities, quizzes and other prominent theme, distinctive features, various forms of learning activities to further study, "a Brief history of the Chinese Communist Party" and other important works and important discussion about the party’s history, in-depth understanding of the Party to unite and lead the great contributions and achievements of people of all nationalities to simply make the Chinese nation, the party maintain vigor profound understanding of gene password, made in the original study on new progress, reaching new heights, as the "fourteen five" good beginning, a good step and lay a solid ideological foundation. "Stresses" solid science, to ensure that there is effective go deep go listen to the real story Party, talked about the perception Party, Party power transfer.

Party members and cadres to organize the council Hechi revolutionary martyrs Memorial and Hongqijun, Hongbajun Hechi reorganization parade site, the "memory of martyrs Xuechu Party temper heart Tam mission" theme.

In Hechi Municipal Party School lecturer to explain, we listen carefully to look back along the red mark peasant movement leader Wei Baqun and Hongqijun in the glorious history of the revolutionary movement of Hechi, draw ideological beliefs nutrients from the deeds of the martyrs of the revolution, make up the forward momentum.

At the same time the council organized a "sense of the party en following the party" theme of moral classroom activities, around "with good red blood, Geng continued red resources," the central idea, and guide people to know the history of love for the party, known Shi Aiguo, the struggle and dedication as their own the pursuit of life, learning to enjoy the sense of fulfillment Party to bring their own.

Solid learn to speak, chant chant classic.

At the event, all of them reading to learn about the History of "verse" poems by feelings of Red Army fighting course, feel the Communist Party of China 87 years ago, revolutionary heroism and revolutionary optimism spirit of the Red Army, feel the founding of New China at the beginning of the hardships and never back down, never admit defeat the spirit draw more than just food for thought, but a guide to action.

History tells the story, so that every employee can become a disseminator of this spirit, practice and beneficiaries.

To "do" based, integrated into development work focused around the "I do practical things for the masses" into the company to branch party members to take the lead, "the Pioneer +" and other special practice as the carrier, to carry out targeted or personalized checks on key customers and guidance, efforts to eliminate potential risks in a timely supervision of the customer, focus on poverty alleviation in service industry will expand business achievements in tackling poverty and rural revitalization effective convergence efforts, has been the unanimous praise.

Around "I do practical things for the masses" into the grassroots, the grassroots work to make efforts to solve the "urgent, difficult, worry and hope" problem-oriented, and timely investigation and resolve contradictions and disputes exist dispatch services and the implementation of key and difficult problems at the grassroots level. By the same time the backbone of party members to take the lead on-site lectures system, exchange experiences, discuss issues, and further rationalize the relationship between business responsibilities, coordinate and solve existing business problems in the transfer process, in effectively resolve contradictions and disputes, improve work efficiency, to achieve effective for the primary burden of Purpose.

Around "I do practical things for the masses" into the school, branch organizations and actively guide the planning, organization members, youth members to carry out the Party School of knowledge, safe use of electricity, environmental protection propaganda volunteer service activities.

Further expanded the coverage of knowing and culture of the Southern network, effectively increasing the "Southern Power Grid" brand on social awareness and reputation.

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