Hainan’s first smart grid demonstration project started

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□ Reporter Zhao Ye Bedhaikou reported Source: Economic Reference Recent Recently, the first batch of smart grid comprehensive demonstration project in Boao Le City International Medical Tourism, Hainan Boao City, passed the review, and launched the previous period of the project, and became the first batch of Southern Power Grid Hainan Power Grid Corporation Intelligent grid integrated demonstration project for the early work. Boao Les City Low Carbon Smart Energy and Smart Power Grid Comprehensive Demonstration Zone is one of the five comprehensive demonstration projects of Hainan Intelligent Power Grid, and its smart grid special plan completed its review at the end of 2018. The specific construction content of this startup includes: in the first zone Building intelligent distribution network, fiber optic cable + 5G communication construction, optical reservoir integrated charging station, smart road light, smart power network application system, etc. The project plan was built at the end of 2019. It is reported that Hainan Power Grid Corporation is closely combined with the construction requirements of Hainan Intelligent Power Grid. In the development of intelligent distributed power distribution automation, intelligent distribution room robot, cable online monitoring, distributed energy storage, 5G communication, intelligent network Waitial advanced technology, comprehensively improve the automation, intelligent level of the first-line network, and take the lead in building a flexible and reliable distribution network integrated model project to help Hainan Free Trade Zone (Hong Kong).

Hainan Intelligent Power Grid Construction Another 4 Comprehensive Demonstration Projects is: Haikou Jiangdong New District Near Zero Carbon Wisdom New Town and Intelligent Grid Comprehensive Demonstration Project; Sanya Central Business District High Reliable Power Supply Comprehensive Demonstration Project Renewable Energy LAN Comprehensive Demonstration Project.