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  "To achieve great dreams, it is necessary to work hard and struggle.

"At the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China, President Xi’s vast historical vision, deep historical insight, strong history, deeply reviewed the great achievements of our party’s 100-year extraordinary struggle and creation, profoundly summarized the Chinese Communist Party The great Justice Party spirit of struggle is far-reaching, and the foreground blueprint to achieve the second hundred years of struggle, clearly require us "must be prepared to pay more difficult, more difficult efforts."

  The magnificent scrolls have never been a unremitting struggle; wonderful Chinese chains have never written in the attack.

Revolutionary Pioneer Li Dazhao said: "The road of history, not all frank, sometimes to the distressed realm, this is the spirit of rushing to rush." ??For a hundred years, our party has been from nine original Birth in the crisis, quenching in the war of smoke, in terms of passion, in the construction of passion, in the torrent of reform and opening up, it is "for" for the sacrifice of multi-amens, dare to teach the Sun Moon to change the spirit ".

Since the Chinese Communist Party will continue to rise, it is difficult to quench the steel, and the self-cultivation of the passionate struggle is printed with sweat, tears, blood, and even life, and write a passionate movement of a song. Establish a good monument of a masterpiece. Recognizing, we should be soberly recognized that the only way for a political party, in order to face the challenge, it will create brilliant; for a party member, only continue to struggle, Yu Hua Li sail is far away, does not disgrace the mission to write a miracle. Historical wheels will never stop, and struggle is forever.

More than 70 years ago, our party "Into the Test" in Beijing "has experienced a severe test and has achieved brilliant achievements. Today, we have embarked on the road of new tests, "examination room", "test questions", and the requirements of the times have a deep change.

What kind of mental state is every party member, what kind of work style and appearance; what kind of struggle posture, what kind of career and achievements. In the face of many seemingly difficult challenges, it seems impossible to break through the bottleneck, it seems difficult to solve the difficulties, as a new era of Communist Party members, especially the preparation of the mountain water, the courage of the opening bridge, the strength of the thorns , In an unprinches force, highlight the time node, grab the development opportunities, and grasp the situation change, gather together to create a new bureau, try to do any problem, focus on what problems, what work, what work is, Struggling, unity and struggle to respond to challenges, break through bottlenecks, solve difficulties, and achieve development.

  The revolutionary ancestors Deng Zhongxia have said that there is a thorns that do not have anything? How can I don’t die? How can I push the mountains? You only have to struggle, struggle, continue to continue, continue forever. Victory is yours! In a certain sense, the process of struggle is the process of compulsory and difficulties with difficulties, and the enemy game.

If there is no spirit of fighting, it is impossible to achieve the strategy of struggle.

The majority of party members want to create a competitive advantage in struggle, win the development and winning, and consciously struggle to struggle, strengthen the spirit of struggle, and improve the struggle, not afraid, not afraid, not avoiding, not fuft, not confused, unmatched, Always in the forefront of contradictory problems, it is difficult to get into the first line of hard work.

  "I want to make a nourishment of Jin Jinmei, I will be calcined from the fire; thinking that I have a discounted situation, I have to go to the thin ice." Struggle is full of twists and turns, the spirit of struggle is The more face difficulties and contradictions, the more you can inspire extraordinary power.

"Two boussments" Deng Jiaxian accepted the night of the development of the atomic bomb mission, talk to the wife of Mu Lu Yixi: "My life is dedicated to the future work, doing this, I have a lot of meaning, I am It is also worth it! "Since then, he buried his name and scientific research in the Gobi desert until the last moment of life.

Make up the new journey, for the new era, we must have this kind of hardship, resistance to the spirit of the majesty, not evade due to the contradiction of the work, not due to the difficulty of the task, and the heavy burden must provoke , The big problem is also taken down, and the hill of the rehabilitation is also attacked. Unremitting struggle is not only ambiguous, and the heart is far away. See the spirit. The occupation per party member may be different, the position may be different, but the standards of struggle are consistent.

Only the foothold of your job is fulfilled, in order to win extraordinary life, achieve extraordinary results.

This requires us to integrate the spirit of unremitting struggle into the post, integrate into the daily, always maintain the attitude of career, mission, responsibilities, and responsible spirit, with "smelling chicken dance" diligent accelerated knowledge update, quality upgrade and ability to improve, constantly master Coincidentally, Wen Cong will do, innovate the way to create a way to complete the task delivered, and the responsibility of yourself, to be a "闯", and pay close attention to the implementation of "dry will". Unremitting struggle, is not only the distinctive theme of our party, and all party members are unswerving, and we need to answer the actual actions of life. Now, the situation is compelling, the business is reminded, and the target encouragement, each party member must start with the attitude of the gesture, bravely bare, with the mission to attack the hardship, and truly put it all the heart. Full of passionate, staying up late, I don’t hesitate, a horse is not behind, writing struggles in his life, writing grades on the journey of strong army in strong country.

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