2020 China film market box office exceeded 20 billion yuan

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Original title: 2020 China film market box office broke through 20 billion yuan according to the national film specialist office, as of 10:00 on December 31, the Chinese film market has exceeded 20 billion yuan in the 2020 box office. Among them, the top ten films ranked by the box office are domestic films, with a total box office, more than 12 billion yuan, accounting for 60% of the total annual box office.

After years of growth and games, domestic film has become the absolute main force in the Chinese film box office market.

  "Although compared with the same period in previous years, the Chinese film market box office has declined.

However, considering that the epidemic factors have caused the cinema to shut down, the box office has been in step for more than half a year. After the cinema is open, the last rate of the epidemic prevention and control requires restrictions, as well as this year’s global shadow city plummeted seven eight-year-old background, China Movie Market It is difficult to achieve such good results.

From a global, China’s film market ‘scenery is ", this shows that my country’s government adheres to the prevention and control of epidemic, supporting movie recovery has achieved remarkable results. It is more mark that the development of China’s film industry is unstoppable. "The Professor Yang Hongtao, a professor of China Communication University. He added that the epidemic has brought" danger "to the film industry, but it also provides" machine "to some extent, the Chinese film industry is in squeezing the bubble. Hot money retreats the structure adjustment, the transition period of the industry restructuring. During the epidemic, the film workers use the production "empty window" to create new tracks, and accelerate this transition process. (Reporter Li Lei) (Responsible) : Song Xin Rui, Liu Yingying) Share let more people see the recommended reading.