Guigang tax launches the theme education activities of "the first buckle of our career career"

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In order to raise the tax young cadres, the builders and successors who are more clean, Chongfa, and loyal, this year, the Guigang Taxation Bureau innovation launched the "first duty of the first buckle" theme education series activities, In order to cultivate and practice socialist core values, strengthen young belief education, integrity education, professional moral education as the main line, build a platform for hear, communication, mutual inspiration, common progress in Youth Cadres, guide the tax youth to establish a firm ideal Faith, carry forward the character cultivation of the spirit and integrity and self-discipline, and actively participate in the taxation in the spiritual and positive spiritual spirit.

Since the event, the awareness of the young cadres has been stimulated. The level of taxation service is continuously optimized; the normal long-term effectiveness of youth education is promoted, and the work penetration is effective. The Base of Thick Finance and Strengthening Consciousness Talks. From the perspective of truly paying attention to, true concern, sincerely care for the young cadres, carry out multi-level talks, fully understand the thoughts and work of young cadres, and guide youth to be high, firm political ideals.

Tree tree people new wind. Actively exploiting the work, the advanced type of youth taxation, which is entrepreneurized, select the advanced typical evaluation of youth cadres, to play the national outstanding volunteers, national youth positions, Guangxi May 1st labor medal, Guangxi excellent demonstration, etc. Advanced typical demonstration lead Create a proactive as a good atmosphere, a good atmosphere, a good atmosphere, which has been active as a good atmosphere. Love party patriotic love people. Through the organizing youth tax cadres to participate in the 100th anniversary of the May Fourth Sports and Patriotic Poetry Examination Competition, the Sanli Town Luun Village, Qiangtang District, visited the Old Site, revolutionary revolutionary martyrs, and stimulated youth tax cadres. Love the party, love the motherland, love the enthusiasm of the people, motivate young people, do not forget the initial heart, keep in mind the mission, and stroke. Tightening the string of self-discipline to screw the "thought valve".

The Secretary of the Party Committee of the Guigher Port Office took the lead in the education of the Youth Cadre, the education youth cadres obey the law, administrate according to law, and consciously achieve Chongli, compliance, honesty and honesty. In different stages such as the position, position, job, growth stage of the young tax cadres, the party style and clean government basic education, the education of integrity, diligence, and the education, " Speaking of morality, responsibility, helping youth cadres, have a good political, economic, family, and life "four-note" to achieve education and protect youth cadres. Hello "vaccination". On major holidays, the main person in charge of the department must find cadres to talk about education reminders.

Since this year, there has been 7843 festival and clean government reminders from the official document system, WeChat group and SMS. Regularly analyze the warning of young cadres’ ideological and political, work performance, integrity and self-discipline, etc. Building a "cultural wall". Vigorously carry out the construction of a clean government culture, shoot "Dream Youth", "Mom said" the micro-honest video, enriching the education carrier of the integrity.

Hold a collection of integrity works, collect 123 honest works (including 20 paintings, 10 comics works, 68 photographic works, 68 literary works) have fully played a cultural man, cultural people, with a civilian The cultural leading role of human culture has created a good atmosphere of "Everyone’s Sin Lian, Ren and Welfare, and Helply".

Enriching the active carrier stimulates the "conversation" of the youth vitality.

Convene younger cadres symposium, on-site youth combined with its own position, growth experience, how to pass the new era of the second era, inherited the May 4th spirit, and the thinking, conviction, self-cultivation and responsibility of the new era of young people. The leadership of the bureau and the youth share youth sentiment, education youth "is the first buckle of the career", encourage youth to become ideals, have this lead, have a good job, honest tax worker, stimulate the youth cadres, work, active work enthusiasm.

Active speech "Sheng Lian". Holding "Youth Before you have long, the first buckle" theme speech and knowledge contest game activities.

In the form of youth cadres, the knowledge contest, praise honesty, whip-rot, promote the rightness, telling, listening, and answering, understanding the important connotation of honesty, building secrets and defense.

Read sharing "thinking".

Hosting youth learning exchange meeting, "Gather youth energy, write no regret tax month" reading salon, "Reading Book Your Youth" reading sharing activities, sharing reading sentiment and gain in the form of a discussion, motivate youth to establish a correct career view, inspirational, New youths doing act.

Open professional navigation casting dedication character with old "biography".

Inheriting the method of carrying forward the traditional cadre training method, implement the "mentor system" cultivation of the old with the old, the teacher’s "mentor system", the business backbone and the new employment civil servis are paired by the "one-on-one" manner, hand handle the work experience, business knowledge Promote the rapid growth of young cadres and integrate into work. Talent "big training".

Carry out the "Great Practice Business of the Bush", tightly the difficulty of work and the demand for all kinds of business knowledge, operation skills, and hold a new policy of personal income tax reform, the inspection business, government information promotion and other training At the class 35, 1289 people were trained in the youth cadres. Under the organizational line, online competition exam, actively cultivate, select a batch of German-Talent and high-quality, business proficient youth cadres. Handling workout "refining".

As a "smelting field" that promotes the rapid growth of the young cadres, 45 municipal bureaus, the grassroots youth cadres were sent to exchange, and worked.

Put the work experience or departmental experience with a relatively single young cadre to the most suitable position, help to replenish the short board, improve the ability to process practical problems and the complexity, and the young cadres who have high work ability To the best position, especially the grassroots positions of hard work, difficult work, and practice the work style, and create a good platform for the young cadres. Based on the position of "Picking".

Focusing on the "tax reduction and tax reduction" work, "tax reduction and payment of Huiwan youth helps to work", established the Youth Pioneer Team, Youth Volunteer Service Team, Youth Association, and "Tax" Repairing the "Leading", "tax reduction and low-cost" position, "tax cuts" volunteer service action, use a colorful form to promote the post of young cadres, and actively complete the job.

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