Communication package should not be so "hard to swear"

By admin

Chutian Metropolitan news commentator Qu Quantian November 15th "Free Free Card" "Upgrade Traffic Package" looks like new services launched by network traffic, but in fact marketing means or the original old routine. Nothing is, the words are half, the avoidance is light, and the news is not worried.

Just talking about the free part, not talking or less, it is very comparable to the rules, can’t see the rules, and you can’t see it. If you can’t get into the pit, then you will find your own service, the goods don’t go to the board, saying it. Objective, now use network traffic is a just need, if the operator package content is set reasonable, there are some personalized programs, which can be done according to the specific needs of different users, should not be busy.

Instead, this way to bring "routine" marketing, it will make people feel very bored, not only do not develop new customers, may also lose old customers. In fact, the user’s appeal is very simple, all written into the "Consumer Rights Protection Law", and the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology will reiterate, it is to respect the user’s right to know and choose, not with a traffic, set a package, but also Be careful, the battle is very good, I am afraid that one step is wrong. Which sentence is wrong? Although every time a user complains that companies often pay such irregular marketing behaviors, the salesperson individuals are unskilled and unregulated, but when complaints reach a certain amount, many users meet the same problem. It is not possible to say that a person’s work is wrong, but there is a problem over the entire industry.

How is this environment formed? Enterprises should reflect, and the regulatory authorities should pay attention.

Increased for many years, and the telecom service is improved in the speed of charge. Still there.

At least our network speed is determined much more faster than before, and the tariff is relatively rising, if consumers are careful, willing to calculate, and to avoid pits, there may be a decline in the past.

However, the communication service that enjoys the price of cheprous materials should be the equality of user equality, everyone can easily choose the right package product, should be normal. How to make operators have less routines, more sincere, regulatory departments should strengthen supervision and management, purify the industry’s power, and promote the healthy development of market regulations.

After all, 2021 is over, and the communication package should not be so "hard to swallow".