China @ 四 | | Sichuan 2745 rural revitalization traffic projects

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  Xinhua News Agency, May 17th (Reporter Hu Xu) reporter learned from the Sichuan Provincial Department of Transportation, Sichuan Province has concentrated on 2,745 revitalized transportation projects, 5854 kilometers, covering 21 cities in the province (state) and 114 County (city, district).

Among them, the masses were eager to remove 2,669, 4,500 kilometers, 4,500 kilometers, 4,500 kilometers in the localized village committee; 76 tourism road industrial road projects urgently needed, 1354 kilometers.

  The relevant person in charge of the Sichuan Provincial Transportation Department introduced that these projects landed, will solve the lack of direct connection between the revocation and the lack of direct connection between the new village committees, and the strokes of the road, to achieve important industrial parks and tourist scenic spots Level double lanes and above roads are conducive to comprehensively promote the revitalization of rural villages, promote high quality development and deepening rural grassroots governance in the county economy.

  It is reported that in the next five years, Sichuan will be 9,000 projects, 10,000 kilometers, and achieve 100% hardening or oilification of directly connected between the revocation and build the village. The road surface width is reached, which is convenient for people to travel; implement a rural revitalization industry road Tourism Road Engineering, Built 3,900 kilometers of industrial road tourism roads, realizing conditions with conditions with high county-level and above industrial parks, national 3A and above scenic spots, four-level double lanes and above roads, and further enhance rural road network support industry and tourism development capabilities Implementing rural transportation "Jintong Engineering", realizing the full coverage of counties (cities, districts) "Jintong Engineering" model counties, enhances the quality of rural transportation services.