43.6% of the respondent will consider the hopping after two or three years of work

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Original title:% of the respondent will consider the job slot in the work for two or three years, it is not easy to "from one and final" for a lot of work, and the hop will become a lot of people.

What is the young man? Recently, a survey released by the China Youth Newspaper Social Survey Center () is shown that% of the respondents have admitted to the hopping slot, and% of the respondents will work 2- Three years later consider the hopping.

For the reasons for the job,% of the respondents believe that the personal development space is limited, the promotion is difficult, and% of the respondents are to pursue better salary. For the result of the job,% of the respondent believes that the hopping is beneficial to the development of personal careers. % Of the respondent will consider the job of 3 years ago after work 2-3 years, after graduation of Li Xingchen (pseudonym), the identity of foreign bags into a new Internet factory. "After the failure of the postgraduate research, I started to be truly put into the job, and finally I chose the three-party agreement with an outsourcing company to work to a Internet.

It is mainly to feel that salary is quite good for a new undergraduate student who has just graduated, and the famous factory is famous. It may have a chance to turn forward, and it may be helpful for future changes. "

  After two years of working in the company, Li Xingchen chose to hop, "On the one hand, I feel that I hope that I am getting more and more embarrassing. On the other hand, I feel that the work ability has been greatly improved, and there is an unique choice." After that, he successfully entered a well-known Internet enterprise and became a formal employee. How long does it take to consider the hopping? The survey shows that% of the respondents have frank themselves to consider the hopping slot, of which% of respondents said that the% respondents expressed probably 4-5 years. In addition,% of the respondents indicate that they may hop at any time, only% of the respondents indicate that they do not hop. After 90, Hu Peng (pseudonym) is now working in a central enterprise in Beijing. For the hopping, he feels that he will be considered in 3-5 years. Let the employer have a concern, feel that the job seeker is unstable, not reliable, thereby reducing admission will. And after three or five years, the ability of personal skills and processing work will be more mature, at this time considering the hopping more competitive. " But he thinks that the work life is not the only standard that determines the job, "if there is a better job opportunity, will definitely choose better."

  % Of the respondent will choose the hopping in Nanjing because of the limited space of the personal development, I have just changed the new job this year, and he hopes to make a career through the job.

"The reason why chooses to jump to the present company, on the one hand, the salary level is better than before, but more importantly, it feels better in development prospects.

Now this company is Chinese and foreign joint ventures, there will be an opportunity to send overseas work, because I am doing translation work, if I have the opportunity to learn abroad, it is helpful for my career. "For the reason for the hopping % Of the respondents believe that the personal development space is limited, the promotion is difficult,% respondents are to pursue better salary,% respondents feel that they are working environment, atmosphere is not good,% respondents believe It’s going to learn something.

  26-year-old Yang Wei (pseudonym) After graduating from graduate student, he went into a research institution, but in less than a year, she chose to hop. Talking about the reason for the hopping, she feels that she has not considered her own career direction. "Last year, due to the new crown pneumonia epidemic, the plan to find a job was forced to be postponed, and the time to start looking late, it has not yet, it has not yet, It became very anxiety, so I have a chance to sign up, and I don’t think about whether it is really suitable for you.

After waiting for the job, Yang Hao began to realize the problem. In the end, she chose to resign the hopping.

  About other reasons for the job hopping: the development prospects of the unit (%) ), Want to change a city life (%), etc. % Of the respondent believes that the hopping has a good job of resigning the personal career development, finding a more relevant job with professionalism, which makes it feel that the self-value is found, and the direction of the career development.

"I want to go deep into this field, I hope to do a career."

  According to the survey,% of the respondents believe that the hopping is favorable for personal career development, and% of respondents believe will be more favorable, and% of respondents believe that the disadvantage is larger, and% of the respondents said it is not good. Zhou Haifeng feels that proper hopping is beneficial to career development, especially in today’s increasingly fierce, if you don’t take the initiative, you will be eliminated, "you need to charge yourself in your duty, continuous progress.

Now more and more work is no longer the ‘Iron Food Bowl’, you need someone to have a sense of peace, constantly seeking, only to have your own core competitiveness, can deal with the challenges of different environments. "

However, he feels that frequent hopping is unfavorable to career development. It is more difficult.

  In Hu Peng’s view, the hopping is risky and will bring different results. This requires job seekers to clarify the reasons for the hopping. "If you make your career prospects more light, it is obviously beneficial. But if it is original Work is not smooth, I want to pass the pressure and anxiety brought by the hopping mitigation work, it may not be great.

Any work is difficult, challenging, and frequent hopping will make yourself more anxious. "

  Among the respondents of this survey, men account for% and women account for%.

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