2021 China International Mining Conference opened in Tianjin

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  2021 China International Mining Conference opened at the Meijiang Convention and Exhibition Center on the afternoon of the 21st. Li Hongzhong, Minister of Natural Resources, and Li Hongzhong, secretary of the Municipal Party Committee. Deputy Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, Mayor Liao Guoxun, Deputy Minister of Natural Resources, Ling Yueming, South African Ambassador to China Xie Shengwen. President of the China Mining Federation Peng Zhewu presided over the opening ceremony.

  When Liao Guoxun said, this session aims to build a global mineral exchange cooperation and industry chain association with innovative bridges, show technological innovation and application results. Under normalized epidemic prevention and control, the world mining economy will be promoted to the world’s mining economy. To an important boost.

Tianjin has a distinction advantage, strong industrial base, outstanding innovation ability, superior business environment. Let us take the opportunity of the General Assembly to build a new new pattern of mining in the era of the epidemic, and promote the development of mineral development and prosperity, and work together to open up fair, open, comprehensive and innovative mineral development.

  Ling Yueming said that at present, the world’s centuries have nothing to change the global epidemic intersection of new crown pneumonia epidemic, the uncertainty of global economic recovery has increased significantly, and international mining investment opportunities and challenges.

I hope that all parties parties will improve the global mining governance, promote international cooperation, respect trade policy rules, and maintain development order, and advocate green technology innovation, fulfill social responsibility, and work hard to create a steady, open inclusive, and future global mining.

  Xie Shengwen said that China’s mining field investment has developed rapidly around the world, and China International Mining Conference demonstrates the latest developments and trade results of mineral development worldwide. South Africa will further explore mineral resources, enhance technical capabilities, continue to improve investment environments, improve relevant policies, and hope to further strengthen cooperation in minerals in China, and join hands in the two peoples. After the opening ceremony, Lu Wei, Li Hongzhong, and Liao Guoxun jointly visited the exhibition of mining conferences, listening to the introduction of mining management, geological exploration, mining development, mineral product transactions, understanding the city’s country’s country, the city, the construction, and the utilization of ecological barrier construction and geothermal resources. And came to Argentina and other booths to deepen international mining cooperation in-depth exchange. On the evening of the 21st, the city held a welcome meeting in the guest house and said sincerely to the guests from all walks of life.

  2021 China International Mining Conference is organized by the Natural Resources Department, Tianjin Municipal People’s Government, hosted by the China Mining Federation, with "Multilateral Cooperation, for the Development and Prosperity of the End of the Event", will host 20 forums, attract 30 30 230 domestic and foreign exhibitors participating in the country and region participated in the exhibition. The General Assembly was held in combination with "online + line", the online "national promotion" activity, promoting the resources potential, mining projects and mining policies, organizing the cooperation between China, through the cloud platform for the whole year Long-term operation show, improved, providing a 24/7 service for domestic and foreign mining communities. Zhong Natural, director of the China Geological Survey, Ambassador Argentina, Ambassador, Ambassador, Chile, Lisout, Mozambique, Mozambique, Maria Gustava, Namibia, Ambassador Elia, Elia, Elia Louis Karda, Peru, Louis Ksa, Tanzania, Ambassador to China, Merva Kaili, and Indonesia, China, international organization, domestic and foreign mining enterprises, and financial institutions, etc. attended the opening ceremony, the city leaders Sun Wenkui, Wang Meng Qingsong, secretary general of Asking Municipal Government.

(Wei Hi Mi Zhai in Spring).