Efficient procome, flexible strain, Master Kong uses "three stable" to build a steady supply line

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Since the prevention and control of new crown pneumonia As a "three guarantees" action "three guarantees", "three guarantees", actively practiced "Quality, Guarantee Quality, Guarantee Supply", from January 28th, will continue to work in advance, fully protect supplies, currently nationally recovery Production.

Not only that, Master Kong launched a social responsibility emergency plan in the first time, and implemented the "Empty, Health and Health" in the country.

As of February 24, the Kang Master Group has sent a total of 504 medical units to 26 provinces, 270 markets throughout the country.

Active, orderly, efficient, and Master Kong uses actual actions to provide a reliable logistics guarantee.

Three major measures to ensure that the exhibition of epidemic is not shaken, and the production and development is unmartcrate. Under the control of strict epidemic prevention, Master Kong is located in Zhengzhou, Henan, "steadily produced, stable prevention and control, stabilization supply", and has restarted the production line in the first four, and became one of the earliest relics.

Tongli copies, the person in charge of the stable production plant said that after the report of the government issued a completion of the recovery, the first batch of Zhengzhou local returns to the factory, only enough to support the opening of the two production lines. "The market is very large for instant food, we will invest in inventory into the market, while seeking to recall more people’s way to resume production capacity.

"The Master Kong factory shipped as this, the factory quickly released the recruitment information of production line workers in Zhengzhou, and actively seeking help to the government, coordinated the local employee to return to Zheng.

"After the government leaders went to the factory to understand the situation, it is important to reproduce emergency material production.

Now, we will arrange a vehicle, which will be trapped in the highway intersection and the high-speed rail station to return to the factory. At the same time, in order to ensure the safety of the completion, the Municipal Management Committee and the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the hotel opposite the factory, as a staffing point for complex workers, helping us to form a closed-loop management model from the factory to the residence and two-point line. "The person in charge of Master Kong said.

With the strong assistance of the Zhengzhou Municipal Government, Master Kong returns to the factory employees increasing, and the number of yields also open in order. It is the premise of restoring production of epidemic prevention work with no death angle, stable prevention and control.

Master Kong has always maintained the attitude of "zero tolerance on food safety issues", in order to protect employee health and food safety, Master Kong launched an epidemic prevention operation norm, and implemented strict "person access management" in the national factory, including: park, enter All the vehicles are all disinfected; the employees need to measure body temperature, hand disinfection; all enter the factory in addition to eating, drinking water, etc. . In addition, the municipal government also helped us further refine the factory’s epidemic prevention management. For all employees, the nucleotide detection was conducted, and 24-hour body temperature test should be arranged at the entrance of the factory. At the same time, the Municipal Chemical Commission and the District Management Committee of other regions and the district management committee are coordinated by isolation hotel to isolate resettlement work, escorting corporate safety completion. Flexible should be transported, stable supply, after obtaining the "Epidemic Prevention and Control Transportation Material Transport Vehicle Pass" of the Municipal Transportation Bureau, the provincial transportation problem has been effectively alleviated.

However, in some special outlaxing cards, due to the daily replacement of the wheel value, the registration and customs is still facing difficulties. In addition, it is also a small challenge to the epidemic. In this regard, the employees of the Henan factory have a group of groups and three-tufts: special person’s full-time "steady customs": After the exit, the factory is communicated with the town government, the delegate will be standing every day, at any time and round value Personnel communicate into the Master Fu freight car; transfer "zero contact": Nanyang City, Nanyang City, due to severe epidemic, becoming a type of traffic control control in Henan Province, in order to prevent the driver from returning after returning, leading to insufficient people Master Kong’s shipping team came out of the way of completing material distribution in "zero contact": Zhengzhou factory opened with empty cars opened by Nanyang City completed the unloading and transport of goods in the agreed city service station. Return to the original road; the transportation mode "fast transformation": When carrying out the goods in Wuhan-Xinyang, the original vehicle is transported, converted to the railway transportation, and the train is full of cargo to the destination … " Always more than difficult.

Now our transport team has 80-100 days a day, and our product is delivered to the entire Henan province.

"The person in charge of the factory said.

Transfer compound production in the Zhumadian service area is a steady employment, steady economy, and the supply is to protect the market and protect people’s livelihood.

In this special period, the recovery rate has become a wind direction standard that measures the restoration of the economy and social order.

Practicing the "three guarantees" action has become a strong back shield we fight the epidemic.

We look forward to more and more companies like Kang Master, and to work in order, and promote the smooth operation of the market.