Guizhou Chiang Shui: Winter people are not busy and hardworking

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  On November 13th, a woman hooked a handicraft in the home of Changzhou Town, Minister of Changshi.

  In the early winter, the return of the township of Changshi Town, Chi Shui City, Guizhou Province, left-behind women are busy doing embroidery, hook handicrafts, handbags, velvet shoes, etc., is a busy scene of "winter idle people".

  In recent years, the long-term town of Chi Soli City has implemented "party construction leading + towel" project in the construction of "party construction leads + towel" project, free to return to women youth and easy to open the poor and relocation, and widened.Increasing channels; at the same time, the order mode recycling product is taken to "online + line" sales, driving the masses to achieve "earning money to make a house".Xinhua News Agency (Yang Yang photo).