Dongtai Notary Office "Three Focus" Efficient Service Local Economic Development

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Modern Express (correspondent Shen Weidong) Dongtai notary is to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of the people, and promote the development of convenience services, in order to promote economic development, build a harmonious society to provide high quality and efficient notary services. Focus on Sannang Development "Cancellation". Adhere to the principles of notarized people, guardigitors, convenience, and benefits, have established a notarized service reception station at all grassroots judicial devices, and implement a resident service, and build the "straight train" of the convenience of the people.

Public Commitment is a three-priority service that is "priority reception, priority, quality service".

Focus on warm enterprise action "breaking problems".

In-depth enterprises to carry out "legal physical examination", and accurately understand the business dynamics and development problems by issuing "service card" "solicitation opinions", etc. Turn the service key to the service small and micro enterprise, and the business risk of small micro enterprises is resolved from the past. Focus on citizen rights "doing practical things". Extend the service tentacles to the area of ??living in the people, and implement a window holiday appointment system in the convenience of the window holiday. In response to the diversification, continuous demand of legal services in the family, family, personal legal consultancy services, active intervention trust, will be implemented, inherited, property supervision, etc., promote integrated, all-round family notary legal services. For the parties who meet the conditions of legal aid, they will be freely processed for small inheritance notarization of the parties to apply for a total of 10,000 yuan.

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