Hengshui Municipal Government held the 5th executive meeting

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  On the afternoon of December 13th, Mayor Wu Xiaohua presided over the 5th executive meeting of the municipal government, focusing on the "Optimized Business Environment Ordinance", and the research consideration of "number measures on strengthening investment and project construction" "" Hengshui City established and improves the basic medical care Implementation Rules for Insurance Outpatient Justice Support Mechanism.

Provincial Key Work Battle of the Communist Youth League of China Han Longzhang Meeting. The meeting requires that all levels of all levels should enhance their ideological consciousness and action, and the optimization business environment is used as the basic work that promotes the high quality development of Hengshui, and puts the highlight position. To strengthen the learning and propaganda of the Regulations, do a good job in business training, and guide the government staff to blame, observe, responsibilities, and responsibilities. To take the assessment as a command, adhere to the problem-oriented, in time, we will focus on solving the pain points, difficulties and focus issues of the masses and market subjects, and improve the ability and level according to law.

It is necessary to focus on the long-term, based on the current, and have issued the implementation of a group of key tasks in optimizing the business environment, implementing the list management, and the account advancement, ensuring that the effect as soon as possible.

  The meeting emphasized that development is the first one, and the project is the first grip.

The city is necessary to unify ideological understanding, the project is the idea of ??Wang, the strengthening management industry will invest in investment, management project awareness, and seize the national policy window period, and carry out the mutual discourse to promote activities, more powerful Measures running projects and builds projects.

To compact responsibility, refine the target task, strengthen process management, urban county linkage, strip combination, and strive to form a big grasp project, grasp the work of major projects, and strive to work in 2022, actually complete investment and strive The funds have made a new breakthrough, and the party’s 20 victory was held with excellent results. It is necessary to prepare for preparations for the first project in the first year of next year to ensure the first quarter of the investment and project construction.

  The meeting pointed out that establishing and soundting the basic medical insurance outpatients of employees is an important embodiment of improving the people’s livelihood of people’s livelihood, which is conducive to improving the efficiency of fund usage and reducing the medical expenses of insured personnel.

To eat the spirit of policy, grasp the job requirements, organize good business training.

To strengthen policy propaganda, focus on the implementation of national insured, continue to improve the basic medical insurance coverage, and promote the full implementation of various medical security policies and smoothly. To strengthen supervision, ensure the safety of the fund is safe and efficient.

  The meeting also considered the "Hengshui City Science and Technology Innovation 14 Five-Year Plan" "Hengshui City 14th Friday Modern Energy System Plan" "Hengshui City Guarantee and Improve Public Service 14th Five-Year Plan". The meeting also studied other work.