Guangxi realizes mobile phone to clear the provident fund loan zero errands ready to decade

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On December 11, the reporter learned from the Guangxi Direct Housing Provident Fund Management Center (hereinafter referred to as the provident fund center), the pilot cooperation banks supported on-board discovement is separately notified for the construction bank, China Merchants Bank, and other cooperative banks. Ms. Weiwei is the first beneficiary. Recently, after she cleaves the housing provident fund loan through the provident fund center, after the rendering bank is discovered by the reputation of the reputation of the Repayment Bank. She received the second day of the provident fund center to push data, she has completed the release of the loan.

As of December 10, pilot cooperation banks have been discharged from 24 employees.

At present, the pilot cooperation banks supporting the provident fund loan lines are the construction bank, China Merchants Bank, the next step, and the provident fund center will continue to work with other banks, expand this business, and continue to optimize other housing types and combination loans. Process of procedures.

However, it should be noted that the borrower still needs to go to Cooperative Bank and Real Estate Registration Center after the establishment of commercial housing (fund-raising housing, market operation room, dangerous housing) housing provident fund loans. Handle the procedure. Borrowers handle commercial housing, second-hand housing housing provident fund combined loan merchants first line in housing provident fund loans, after the housing provident fund loan is clear, there is no need to go to Cooperative Bank and Removal Registration Center to understand the procedures. Special reminder, the provident fund center pushes the borrower housing provident fund loan to the cooperation bank, only for cooperation banks to apply for housing provident fund loans to settle out.

(Reporter Ling Jianyi correspondent He Miao) (Editor: Chen Li Bing, Xu Weiwen) Sharing let more people see.