Forever "" spirit, "creating"’s strength, "dry" style (Party Shijingshan)

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The spring of the spring, the green trees are shaded, flowers bloom.

At the square of the Shenzhen Municipal Committee, the green trees and flowers are surrounded by a copper cow sculpture. I saw this copper cow, head arrived toward the ground, after the four hooves were hard, do their best to pull the roots behind the ground … "At the beginning of the establishment of the SAR, the Shenzhen Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government hoped to have a city sculpture. The image demonstrates the spirit of the SAR, so I found Mr. Panhe, the sculptor. "The relevant staff introduced.

There have been some discussions on what image shows the spirit of the SAR. Mr. Panhe suggested that engaging in the construction of the special area, it is necessary to struggle, will be willing to dedicate, the sculpture is the most appropriate. At an accidental opportunity, Mr. Panhe saw two old tree roots next to a farmhouse, burst into inspiration. So, he bought the two tree roots. As the physical reference in the sculpture, let the copper cow showed the root of the root, try his best, and inject the spirit of struggle and work.

In July 1984, the large copper cow sculpture of the pedestal meter was 40 meters in July 1984.

For more than 40 years, with this universal exploration, Shenzhen became the "innovation city" of the world.

As a member of the people to serve the cow, innovate and develop the wilderness, hard work, the old yellow cattle, reflect the era of our party leading the trend, self-improvement spiritual style, wholeheartedly serving the fundamental purpose of the people. In more than 40 years, a batch of "孺子 牛" "Popular Niu" "Old Yuliu" strength. "In the new starting point, the majority of cadres in the economy of the economy should unswervingly implement the party’s central decision-making deployment, the spirit of" ‘",’ creation, ‘dry’, and strive to write more ‘spring Story ‘, strive to create a new and bigger miracle that makes the world’s scraping! "General Secretary Xi Jinping established an important speech at the 40th anniversary of the Shenzhen Special Economic Zone, inspiring the economic zone cadres and masses in the new era, pioneering .