Double eleven open box! Langr’s cosmetics properly used liquid foundation C

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Hello North Taste, there is no hand in the double eleven in the past few days? As a proper fashion, this can be a chance of capitalist wool, how can Xiaobian missed?

Various full reduction of the banned milk, liquid foundation, lipstick & hellip; & hellip; you can pick it up. This is not, the three particularly useful liquid foundations just started, you can’t wait to share the sisters ~ First of all, this Lanshe is the air mat powder. It has been used to describe this sentence to describe this easy-to-use air cushion powder, which is not exaggerated, just a pressure box for dried skin players. Inside, a variety of natural moisturizing ingredients have been added, and the powder is thin, and the face is a refreshing feeling. It will not feel that the oil is greasy, and it is sticky.

Although this liquid foundation looks very thin, its concealing power is also very good, gently, basically the acne marks on the face can cover, the holding effect is very ok, bringing the makeup all day Not afraid of flowers.

This year, the double eleven harvest is that it is, C is properly. Furthermore, this flower West is jade ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, After I got it, I tried it. The texture is a slightly heavy fifiler, there is no liquidity, but the ductility can be, it is light and thin, it is very moist, skin care; there is 1 say 1, the face is really amazing It is a very dry cream muscle. Because I entered the color of the color N20 white color, my face has a uniform skin color and brightening effect, I want to be more painfully white, preferably powder tune.

Finally, this ultra-priced good use of liquid foundation: colorful flawless powder, student party, parity party worth rushing a wave.

The whole thing is a two-in-one worry-in design, and the top is concealer, very moist, and use your fingers to click on makeup. The texture is not so thick, it is easy to push away; the makeup is also very clear, the porcelain light muscle, the thin layer can cover the little flaw, absolutely worthy of this name. This year’s double eleven, the good use of the good foundation liquid foundation is these, everyone will copy the homework, spend this winter together ~ Disclaimer: The market is risky, choose cautious! This article is for reference only, not for trading basis.