Haishu is still plum blossom, great people’s style

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  Lobbie firm ideal beliefs, unlimited loyal political character, one of the public servant feelings, seeking the work style of truth from facts, Zhou Enlai is the "four revolutionary spirit" in our province (Zhou Enlai spirit, rain flower metrics, new four army iron army spirit, Huaihai Battle One of the spirit of the spirit is also an important part of the Chinese Communist Party’s Psychological Practice, which has become a valuable spiritual wealth for our 100-year party history.

  In the party history of party history, in our province, the province has carried forward Zhou Enlai as a vivid textbook for the study of party history education, and deeply understands the glorious history of the Communist Party of China. The great contribution and initial tenet. The spirit of Zhou Enlai became the unhapp tohability of the party members and a generation of new people in the province and a new generation of "strong and beautiful" new Jiangsu construction modernization chapter. Learning history, drawing the strength of Huai’an, a generation of great people Zhou Enlai.

General Secretary Xi Jinping used six "outstanding models" deeply explained Zhou Enlai spirit, and emphasized that "Zhou Enlai’s lofty spirit, noble products, great style, calm and nurtured the generation of China Communist Party". Huai’an City puts the importance of Zhou Enlai as the important content of party history learning education, with Zhou Enlai Childhood Reading Office, Zhou Enlai, Zhou Enlai Memorial, etc. course.

On March 27 this year, Huai’an Municipal Committee Theory Learning Center Group (expanded) Party history study education special training class held in Enlai Cadres, the event recalls the history of struggle for hundreds of years, revisiting Zhou Enlai spirit, take the lead to learn the party history "must repair lesson", bury head It is good to develop "trunk road", struggling to create a new situation in Huai’an high quality. Enlai Cadre College launched more than 10 courses such as topic teaching, interview teaching, and literature study in party history, not only in the province’s party history education, but also undertakes multiple important topics such as Zhongjian Group, Audit Office. Shift. Since its establishment in 2014, the college has trained more than 90,000 students from the central ministries and state organs of the Ministry of China, the Ministry of Act, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and 23 provinces (autonomous regions, municipalities directly under the Central Government) have become the spirit of promoting Zhou Enlai and carrying out party education. New platform and large furnace.

  The Zhou Enlai Memorial is a national patriotic education base and is also a "punch-card" of the party history. The Memorial Western Flower Hall Falls in the Haiyu Year of the Year.

Deng Yingchao wrote in the "Haishu flower of the West Flower Hall" and opened: "Before spending the tree, everyone will enjoy the flowers, and remember you, miss you, as if you are still in our middle.

"On the afternoon of May 25th, Wang Dan, who is a gold medal of Zhou Enlai," I recognized the Chinese Bank Huai’an Branch, "Party Flag Red, China Red – Youth Party" in the Huai’an Branch of China Co-construction activities.

Sun Wei, President of China Huai’an Branch, told reporters that there were 12 young volunteers to serve the Zhou Enlai Memorial. Since the development of history, the memorial will receive 480,000 tourists, explained nearly 2000 games, launched more than 30 years, more than 5,000 visitors, the great people injected into the spiritual power in the depths of countless people.

  On April 26th, the CPC Meiyuan New Village Memorial Hall showed Chen upgraded, and the memorial hall carefully constructed copper like remembering, swearing revisions, and the residential education, the residential gang class, the local site.

"Meiyuanhong" is a brand of party organizations and audiences accepted party history education and red cultural experience.

Not long ago, Li Zhongjie, member of the Party History, Central Propaganda Group, held face-to-face and interactive preaching here with the grassroots party members; Memorial Hall, Baimi, is the "Xiao Hongmei" belief in Meiyuan New Village community, including Zhou Enlai’s story; The "Meiyuan Red" volunteer team consisting of party members and young college students in the library has become a new era dedication, friendship, mutual assistance, and progressive volunteers. Silent launches, promotion of mental blood civilization is the horn of the times, and can represent the style of the times and lead the era.

The cultivation of literary works as a vivid textbook that promotes Zhou Enlai, can play a silent, and the role of the spiritual blood.

  In this year’s Children’s Day, Jiangsu Chuyun Culture, Huai’an Blue Sky Culture Combined with "Childhood Zhou Enlai" is officially broadcast in the hospital.

"Childhood Zhou Enlai" is the first interpretation of Zhou Enlai’s childhood family, tutor, and home style, filling the blank of Childhood of Zhou Enlai with movie. "The morning is over the Western Flower Hall, the dark fragrance floats …" is guided by the provincial party committee, the opera "Zhou Enlai" produced by the Provincial Performing Arts Group as one of the four works of our province, selected for the Central Propaganda Department, Wenxiong, China "Celebrate the 100th Anniversary Stage Art Works of the Communist Party of China", performing in Nanjing on May 5th and 6th.

The work selected a dramatic scene of Zhou Enlai’s "chemical crisis as transfer" in his life. In the real space, wear the battle of Xiangjiang River, Zunyi Conference, Bandung Conference, etc., reproduce his outstanding merits and lofty style, For the Chinese people, the Chinese nation is reviving, and is a glorious life for human progress. Two years ago, in Yan’an first, known as "a promise of the prime minister, also rounded the 46 years of Yan’an people." Calhering the party century, after several revised and polished opera "Zhou Enlai" excellence, let The image of the prime minister shines on the opera stage. Zheng Zeyun, secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of Jiangsu Province, said that the creation team deeply felt the greatness of Zhou Enlai, and hoped that this spirit was passed to every audience in long-term performances. Immortal spirit needs innovative spread. Huai’an Zhou Enlai Memorial Management Bureau excavated historical stories, activated cultural resources, since the study of the education of party history, improved the "Wind" "Immortal Flag" "Tao is a ruthless but affectionate", etc. Zhou Enlai spiritual scene story, has went to the provincial party committee Political and Legal Committee, ICBC Jiangsu Branch, Jiangsu Electronic Information Vocational College and other units preached nearly 20 times, more than 3,000 listeners; forming Zhou Enlai Master Teachers Group, listing "Zhou Enlai Family Lecture Hall"; in "Online Exhibition Hall" Opening "Learning , I and the Great Party "micro-exhibition hall, regularly push the micro-exhibition, refinement, micro-vision, etc." Micro "series of works, built a 24-hour online, and the world’s never ending Zhou Enlai is a Zhou Enlai. Casting people, inheriting red gene Zhou Enlai is an important part of red culture, how to make Zhou Enlai’s spiritual fire, use red gene bacon to cast soul, is an important topic that needs to face the party history. Huaiyin Teachers College is the first undergraduate college of Huai’an, the Prime Minister. In 1998, the "Zhou Enlag" was selected in the whole school every year. The school group committee secretary told reporters: "Zhou Enlai spirit is leading the construction of the school, ‘Zhou Enlai" is the highest honor in the school.

In addition to convening the theme class, write a book notes, focus on the primary and secondary school class, visit the commemoration, etc., and activate the learning results in the form of essay, speech, knowledge contest, literary performances. In 2011, the Provincial Party Propaganda Department, the Provincial Department of Education, and the Provincial Party Committee jointly issued the creation of Huai Shi ‘Zhou Enlai’ creation mode. In 2018, we also launched a national ‘Zhou Enlai Create a league.

"According to statistics, since the first" Zhou Enlag "in 1984 was created by Meiyuan New Village Memorial Hall in Meiyuan Middle School, there have been 191" Zhou Enlai classes "in the national primary and secondary schools, including 132 Jiangsu, about 70% of total .

  At the old site of Huai’an Childhood, in addition to establishing a Pixabay activities, moral education class, cultivating small speech, this year, this year, the "Zhou Enlai’s inspirational spirit hundred school lines" activities were launched.

The LiOne Site Management Office received a long section of Koko: "The event launched a ‘six one’ interactive experience: watching a boy inspirational cartoon" Daxie – Zhou Enlai Childhood reading story ", listening to a reminded story "Reading for the rise of China", watch a warm children’s heart picture exhibition "Zhou Enlai and children" The inspirational scenes, passed Zhou Enlai to the classmates in the form of Xi Shenlai. "Next, the event will rely with Zhou Enlai to commemorate the alliance, go out of Jiangsu, into Zhejiang, Shandong and other places." Combined with the whole people’s reading, the Meiyuan New Village Memorial Hall is based on the Zhou Enlai library launched the "red reading social teaching class", surrounding the patriotism education of minors, carrying out the "never disappeared radio wave – Moles Electric Code" of the historical scene. Juvenile "" I am a translation member "" small reporter "and other red reading social education activities, covering primary and secondary schools in all districts, more than 6,000 people participating; with the summer activities of Wenbo, carry out red reading and red travel call, since 2014 Since the introduction, more than 200 people have been successfully connected; the red reading volunteer team of more than 200 people has been completed, and the annual service is more than 6,000 hours … The red gene is passed down in the middle of the Shu.

  Today, we can contend that Premier Zhou Enlai, his spiritual life is endless, as the West Flower Hall is still, the Memorial Plum is a red, aged year, age. Our reporter Wang Hongwei Yao Yiyi.