Harbin City continued to support the development of new government support manufacturing

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  Original title: Harbin City, the new government support manufacturing development has been added to the development, and the flow rate is 5 million yuan, and the output value increases by 30 million yuan in accordance with the year-on-year, and the industrial enterprises can subsidize the recent, Harbin City Industry and Information Technology Bureau. The implementation rules of the implementation of the industrial enterprises in Harbin, "Harbin Manufacturing Enterprise Ciliby Policy Implementation Rules" "Harbin support enterprises accelerate growth support plan reward policy implementation rules", support enterprises to reduce comprehensive operational costs, stability Personnel employment, accelerate technical transformation and project construction, and actively promote the smooth development of the industrial economy in Harbin. "Harbin has added a new scale of industrial enterprises, the implementation rules of the Reward Policy", and the Harbin Industrial Manufacturing Enterprise (excluding military enterprises), which is reached to the policy provisions, gives 500,000 yuan per household in the manufacturing enterprises above the newly entered-scale scale. award.

Among them, the first year rewards 300,000 yuan, and the second year is still under the corporate statistical library and strictly fulfilled the reporting obligation to reward 200,000 yuan. In order to mitigate the burden of enterprise declaration, this reward will adopt "exemption to enjoy" redemption. In principle, the method of the municipal direct department data is used in principle, no need to declare.

  "Harbin Municipal Manufacturing Enterprise Ciliby Registration Policy Implementation Rules" has increased its annual operating income to more than 20 million yuan (inclusive), and new flow fund loans to 5 million yuan (including) manufacturing enterprises (including) Without military enterprises), it is given to less than 5 million yuan of interest payment according to the actual payment amount of the new flow of liquid loans. Among them, the subsidy will be given to the actual guarantee fee through the municipal policy guarantee institution, and the maximum guarantee fee will be given to no more than 2 million yuan.

The policy requires enterprises to declare relevant materials in accordance with regulations. "Harbin supports enterprises to speed up the growth support plan reward policy implementation rules" Each increase 20 million yuan (including), adding a reward 100,000 yuan. The maximum number of large-scale rewards in the company is 5 million yuan. This reward uses "exemption to enjoy" redemption.

In principle, the method of the municipal direct department data is used in principle, no need to declare. (Reporter Zhang Liuxin) +1.