For epidemic prevention and disinfection, Shanghai Metro Station automatic disinfection robot is online

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News from the Municipal Communications Commission and the Shentong Subway Group The subway station also optimizes the guiding logo and provides more intimate services. Epidemic prevention measures smarter "Automatic Disinfection Robot" for the first time, every night after the end of the subway operation, the station is fully sprayed to the station, especially for the key parts and channels of passengers. Key disinfection.

Because Xu Yidong station is large, the average person takes more than 30 minutes.

Use "robot" to replace artificial, continuous "employing" for 4 hours per night, 2 over and overfinitation on the station. The guiding logo is more optimized in the Xu Yidong Station, a long-awaited, and the ceiling is full of Chinese and English tips, guiding the exhibition passengers. Xu Yidong Station provides a more convenient way to participate in the venue for exhibiting passengers through the settlement channel.

At the same time, the entry temperature control area has also added a poster of Chinese and English tips. After summing up the training experience of the first three sessions, Huangguang Station, Shanghai Metro No. 17, has increased the orientation, and the blog stream will be able to find "500 meters from the National Convention Center". Very eye-catching. There is also the same ground guidance in the underground channel.

In addition, the number of staff in the channel is also increased to strengthen the inspection and do a good job in the scene.

At the same time, the car control room value delegation is closely monitored by the passenger flow to ensure an orderly manner.

During the service guarantee, Xu Yidong Station will open four emergency tickets in the station and provide electronic payment services such as "scan code ticket purchase" (Alipay) by adding mobile ticketing terminals. On the basis of "Bilingual Service", Xu Yidong is also available to special passengers in the "Bilingual Service". At present, the Hongqiao Railway Station is decorated, and the service guarantee work is ready.

In front of the platform, a smart robot called "Xiaoyan" is patrolling. It can refer to the passengers and answer inquiries, but also have functions such as passengers, call staff, etc., providing passengers with intelligent, convenient ride experience. (Editor: Yan Yuan, Han Qing) Sharing let more people see.