Focusing on "One-to-Lead and Double-use Three Strengthening" Wuhan Hongshan District promotes the effectiveness of party history learning education

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Since the study of party history, Wuhan Hongshan District, in-depth study and implement the spirit of the important speech of General Secretary Xi Jinping, conscientiously implement the party’s central decision-making deployment and the requirements of the provincial party committee, the municipal party committee, with the Party’s 19th China Plenary Session of the Action Guide, In the case of history, create a future, promoting the progress of the party history and education. The strong driving force for the core power zone of the city and high quality innovation development of Hongshan High Quality University. Highlight "Key Specifications", strengthen the political guidance of the regional committee theory learning center group to run through the topic of the party as a study focus, with "self-study + concentration" "Sinking + Walk out", take the lead in learning.

Around the four historical periods and the General Secretary of Xi Jinping, I held the second issue of the special reading class, and the party history was carried out in 10 games. The Standing Committee of the District Committee conveyed the spirit of the Employment of the 19th CPC Plenary Session of the Party. In the case of a hundred years of hard work, we will take the new era of new journey to the new journey in a new journey.

Established 10 tour guidance groups, layered compaction responsibilities, forming a closed-loop working system from the overall deployment and promoting the implementation of the supervision and feedback, and achieved the full coverage of 2065 party organizations in the district, 10,000 party members of the party. The team of party history preached the "five groups", realizing the full coverage of the preaching, preaching multi-dimensional, and the form of innovation. Up to now, 936 preaching activities were carried out in the region, and the audience reached millions. Party members and cadres focus on the "hurry", take the initiative to claim nearly 400 items in the "I do practical things for the masses", involving education, medical, housing, pension, parking spaces and infrastructure construction, etc. History education is full of "people’s livelihood temperature."

Talking about the party’s story, the red blood is used to use live red resources, Hongshan District cooperate with Huazhong Normal University to jointly create music dance dramas, the monument of the old Red Army, motivate party members and cadres, honest, not Forget the joy.

In the WeChat public number, the "Cloud Listening Party History" and "The Picture Shuxiang" column, the teachers and students tell the revolutionary story with the voice, express the patriotic feelings with painting, more than 100,000 people. The street community has selected 10 major historical nodes in the context of the "Jane Size of the Communist Party of China".

The preliminary team of more than 150 people was set, invited the old warrior, old party members, and old advanced party history story, carrying out 220 preaching activities, accumulating a total of thousands of people, letting red story households.

Use a good anti-vlorative "big thoughts", organize the report of the Advanced Collective and Personal Advanced Deeds, and then the "epidemic" scene, and the spiritual blood. Organize party members and cadres to watch movies "Chinese doctors" and feel the great importance. Organize primary and secondary school students watch "Strive to be a" epidemic "red scarf, boy is bravery – Juvenile China said" Yun classroom, the same moral education micro-class, students are rewarding exhibitions, academic history, obstacles and antipylish model, war "epidemic "The hero of the first line pays tribute.

Colleges and universities in the jurisdiction prevention and control of China and Guangguang teachers and students, the alumni "epidemic" story becomes the first-hand textbook, introducing micro video "The most beautiful retrograde" in the classroom, so that the wonderful "epidemic" story is from reality into thinking Classroom, through the "Cloud Test", leading students to grow in the "epidemic". Seize the key crowd, widely consequent consensus to focus on young groups, and walk with the "Sad Si Zi Zhi’s national conditions" as the theme, concentrate on building a series of "red" theme activities.

Create a summer "Hong Classroom", carrying out 831 special service activities such as the 60 communities in the whole district, hold the party history education, physical and mental health, safety and self-care, science innovation, etc. Invited the "Five Old" report to enter the campus, let the "old revolution" tell the story of the party history, talk about party history, recall the traditional, passing thoughts, and have launched 188 games, listening to people.

Establishing a mobile party member party branch, incorporating the parties of the branch into the branch activities in the near community, sending "red gift package" to strengthen the party history education in the work, ensure that the party is not faded.

Strengthen group care, carry out activities such as love, warm heart condolences, theme lectures, psychological counseling.

Relying on "Jiangcheng Bee Nest", play the grassroots power, guide the mobile party members into the community grassroots governance, actively collect the blind spot, difficulties, blockage of the grassroots governance, and form a mobile party, and the government departments will solve it. Little people Good interaction. 527 "two" organizational industry party committees in the whole district creates a good atmosphere of "secretary leaders and party members". Focus on the park, business district, building and industry, build 12 themes, carry out the "Jiangcheng Red Leading Forum" and "Hong Classroom" activities, through the party building knowledge and party building brands, continuously improve the "two new" party workers. The 19th National Plenary Session of Just Jie Ceremony Let Hongshan "two new" organization party members are deeply encouraged, and they are shocked, and Huang Li, chairman of Wuhan Gaode Infrared Co., Ltd., sighs as a private enterprise that is growing under the party’s concern. It will always put the scientific and technological strong country, industry newspaper, to keep in mind, continue to insist on the pace of independent innovation, keep up with the pace of national development and the times, and practice the solemn commitment "Forever and Party". (Wuhan Party History Learning Education Office Hongshan District Party History Learning Education Office).