Hangzhou Qiantang Nine Characteristics Propaganda Group is starting, helping party history and education

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  The party’s history is like a river, and it is strolled to pentium in the same direction, the river is rolling, and the spray is stirring. Since the development of the party history, Qiantang District combines the actual integration, give full play to the characteristics of enhancing culture, high education park, industry highland, and launches the "Qiantang · Chao" propaganda group, college experts to propaganda group, and "industrial waves" "The Village Wave" "Community Wave" "Youth Wave" "White Well" "Youth Swant" "Qiantang Tong, Seven Shuhua" propaganda group, through form rich grassroots characteristics, quickly set off a zone Shares learning boom.

  Among them, "Qiantang · Chao" grassroots preliminary group and college expert propaganda group mainly pays attention to the large-scale development of the party, the party’s core theory, and the glory process.

In this event, as a representative of the experts of the college experts, Liu Yuanlin, from Zhejiang University of Finance, brought a wonderful party history, revisiting the red historical memory of the 19 Party Party, telling The details of the people in the past generation congress have been reviewed for the hard history of our party’s suffering, vivid image, and strong generations, so that the participants have a relatively three-dimensional full perception.

  As a representative of the propaganda, "Qiantang Tong, Seven Shuhua" propaganda group pays more attention to the grassroots level, relying on the media center, the new era civilization practice center, the party service center, the rural cultural auditorium, patriotic education base, etc. Carry out the party history preaching. "Seven Shuhua" propaganda group represents Ni Betong, as a "industrial waves", will be based on the grassroots, close to the employee, and the language of the employee, tell the story with a small story, reflect the big theme with the small topic , Bring the party’s policy, the party’s spirit and Qiantang District development goals, work initiatives, to the workshop, team and other production lines. The success of this launching ceremony is marked with the nine propaganda groups of Qiantang District Party History and Education. Next, this 9-provoked lecture group in Qiantang District will take a more great momentum, more vivid, and put the party’s theoretical knowledge to the field, factory workshop, classroom lecture hall, and pass the "Truth’s taste" to thousands Households, further promoting Qiantang District Theory preaching work is deep.

  The relevant person in charge of Qiantang District pointed out that the party history and education grassroots preaching activities and "People call me" theme activity is the core starting of the party history education in this stage. It is also constantly converting the party history learning results to the masses. Domestic, understanding of the specific action. He emphasizes that we must improve the sense of responsibility of political stations and deepen their minds, and enhance the sense of responsibility for "two activities"; to grasp the core elements, understand the substance connotation, and effectively improve the "two activities" targeted, effect; To organize deployment, steadily implement advancement, and focus on ensuring high quality and high levels of "two activities".

(Editor: Ai Yu, Kang Mengqi).