Google releases new features and tools to support local news

By admin

Google announced today for readers and reporters to help local news organizations. The headline function is a carousel function that can display local news based on search queries, starting today in all languages ??in all languages ??today. Google initially launched this feature to provide local information to COVID search, but now it has been extended to other topics, such as sports, local governments, etc. Google said it has been adjusting its system, making the authority, related local news sources often appear next to a national publication in popular stories and other general press functions. Google said: This improvement ensures that people can see authority local stories when searching news and help the news publisher’s brands come into contact with more people.

In addition, it is also able to study narrow counters related to local news. In combination with its location service (if you enable these services), users should get more related results.

[Source:] Editor: kJ005.