Central Avente Air Force Telephone Training: Day and Night attack

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In late March, a corner of the airport machine in the airport.

"Take off!" With the commander, the fighter is suggested in turn, and the central air force aircraft training in the Central Aircraft Aeronari is launched.

This training sets a series of high-cost training contents such as cross-regional mobile, short-term airport, and a full-time airport take-off and landing, at night and far-sea assaults.

After a few hours of remote attack, the fighter is arrived at a standing null area, low-altitude protection, and the radar search interception, the "destroy" target is successful, and it will land in a different site airport.

After tightening, the pilot will check in again, according to the plan to transfer to the next half of the night, long-term flight, night from the sea assault.

The secondary dispatch time has been greatly reduced in recent years. The teacher always implemented the "three things" to every battle, each flight, constantly hammering the troops in the complex battlefield environment.

The teacher was evaluated by the Air Force as "Military Training Level 1 Unit". Last year, the Division of the Division was commended by the Military Commission as "the advanced unit of military training in the whole army."

(Photo report: Yu Hongchun Liu Chuan Huang Zhichao).