Central News Unit Youth reporters practice "Four Force" excellent work exchange activities held in Beijing

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The exchange activities shooting on April 29.

Xinhua News Agency, Jinliang Express Xinhuanet Beijing On April 29th, the Central Propaganda Department held a central news unit of the Xinhua News Agency to practice the "Four Force" excellent work exchange activities. At the excellent work award ceremony, 108 newsletters have brought the best news, the best depth report, the best news close-up, the best series report, the best people report, the best comments, the best promotion social construction report, the best International communication report, the People’s Daily, Xinhua News Agency, etc. 6 news units have won the best organizational unit.

On April 29, Wang Jintao, a reporter of the People’s Daily, made a statement on the Exchange event. Xinhua News Agency reporter Jin Liang quickly took the "New Year’s Eve" period in the 2021 news front, the central news unit, the central news unit youth reporter launched the "four-way" exchange activities, the young reporters actively participate, actively exchange, write a large number of grounds Gas, hot gas, moist, and a total of more than 920 pieces of news. "Summary this writing, the biggest feeling is to see the real scene, and write feelings" "Young makes us rich, youth makes us full of fighting power" "" "" "" "" " Journalists must write a meaningful "…" The event is open, and the young reporters are open, sharing the experience of practicing "four power".

On April 29, Xinhua News Agency reporter Li Wei spoke on the spot.

Xinhua News Agency, Jin Liang Express, "These winners are warm and affected in the brush screen. I have been touched by the judges." The representative of the judges believes that the practice of "four power" exchange activities is the grassroots level in the news industry. Professional practice, thereby promoting the industry to better serve the masses, society and the country, and live up to the mission of journalists to journalists. On April 29, the Central Radio and Television General Taiwan reporter Zhang Li speaking on the exchange activities. Xinhua News Agency reporter Jin Liangjiao "only in the social" big class ", seeing the world, in practice ‘big furnace’ in tempering, hammering, in the great struggle of the people, the mission, youth reporters can grow Chengcai. "Xinhua News Agency, the chief editor, He Ping, said in a speech. Xu Lin, deputy director of the Central Propaganda Department, Director of the National New Office, said in the speech that young reporters are in the event, and they will go deeply, and they will align the lens and pen. The story and characters are the youthful power, created a lot of merged media boutiques and phenomenon works. The exchange activities shooting on April 29.

Xinhua News Agency reporter Jin Liangjing "Our youth’s editing team is a trust, the battle team that is courageous, is a vitality, a great era New army.

"Xu Lin encourages youth reporters to write a hundred-year-old party’s tenacity with my youth, with the hot practice of the people of the people, with the news cause of the party, in accordance with the practice of" four power "requirements In this lead, strive to become a full media talent in the media depth fusion.