China’s original musical drama to solve "the theme of men and women"

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If there is no response for a long time, please refresh this page Original music drama "Beijing Story" will take the first round of five performances from the Beijing Poly Theater from June 19th to 22nd. Recently, through the opportunity of rehearsal, Beijing Youth Daily reporters exclusively interviewed Guo Zhen, who believes that China’s original musical music needs to broaden the width of women’s themes; do not avoid fans, industry people should think about how to ensure art standards Premise, the discharge market, let the audience will wish to buy a ticket into the theater. The director Guo Zhen actors rehearsed the "Beijing Story" creation to adjust the human condition and modernity "Beijing Story" is the results of Guo Zhen and the team’s three-year grinding sword. In 2018, the producer Li Lan found Guo Zhen, hoping that he can direct "Beijing Story" project. After getting the script, the unique perspective of the woman attracted Guo Zhen.

"At present, the original musical music drama in China, very few in middle-aged women, and the characters and stories of this drama are like happening to us, very real and representative.

In addition, the romantic literary heritage and aesthetic poetic lyrics provided by the script gave me a big imagination.

"In the mind of Guo Zhen, the stage is not a plane, but a three-dimensional, life. The field of the stage, even music, singing, lighting, and dance beauty is like a drawer, each drawer function Different, you have to combine them together to play the biggest effect.

Fortunately, Guo Zhen encountered the composition and screenwriter gave him a lot of space. "My Tianshang is an imagination, it is reasonable in their eyes. We can agree on the concept of aesthetics. They respect me very much. I often work with me to modify and cut.

This is the most gratified.

"This drama is a drama about Beijing, how to reflect this concept of" Beijing ", Guo Zhen made a lot of effort." Beijing is a diverse, inclusive, open city, so the whole drama retains Beijing rhyme. In addition to the culture, the Beijing taste is a strong human taste. Everyone will love each other and warm each other. In addition, Beijing is also a city with international field of vision, which is reflected in the characters and singing.

In order to highlight the modernity of Beijing, the stage design also uses a simple modern columnar design, combined with multimedia, and adds the imaginary space through the virtual combination of dance.

"The original music drama of the market needs to broaden the widespread women’s theme in recent years." Twenty is not confused "" Thirty "and other TV dramas reflecting urban women’s growth screen, more and more people give women’s workplace, life, emotion More attention. In China original musical market, there are not many works on women, especially those who reflect middle-aged women. In the view of Guo Zhen, women, especially middle-aged women are a harmonious society. Compared to men, they have a lot of things, even more, because they pay attention to children, education, family, work, life, etc., just a series of things, but their pay is not easy to pay attention to everyone, especially During the stage of the stage. In recent years, with the fire of TV programs, the music market is probably still continued in the situation in men’s themes. Guo Zhen believes that "the" Sound into the hearts "promoted China The development of musicals, whether it is the social status of the stage drama actor, or the audience’s cognition of music drama, it has greatly improved, and the music drama starring the popularity actor who is "invasive" is said to be a ticket. Seeking, these are very good.

But at the same time, it also brings us some thinking, so that there will be some unbalanced theme of men and women. "The music" Beijing Story "brings out the life of four people in the world, and conveys the care of women in contemporary middle-aged women, is a workplace, marriage, family, etc. facing middle-aged women. The dilemma has carried out multi-dimensional music. Guo Zhen believes that "musicals need different subjects, especially need to broaden the wide range of women’s themes.

When people go to middle age, there will be unat by many things, and this weak sense is that you can’t control it. The "Beijing Story" shows the overall discussion of the middle-aged women, the most wonderful point in the play is that these contradictions have been temporarily solved, let people feel that life is continuing, but the difficult is always All are all in the contradiction. The woman in the play is not a face. After reading or less, you can see some shadows around these women, or resonance and think with the problems encountered in their lives. This is very interesting. Our first goal is to let the audience feel good to see, the value is fare.

The second level is how much can bring some thinking, I think this is enough. "From the actor level," Beijing Story "brings together Wang Ying, Lin Ping, Chen Guanqi, Huo Yuanyuan and other a group of strength sings," They have long been very senior singing home.

This cooperation, from the treatment of tone, to the shape of the character, everyone has a lot of discussions, their cooperation is high. "Guo Zhen believes that music drama is different, the emotions of drama are not arrived, can pause two seconds, and music music is there, can’t do it later, and you need 100% explosive power, less Emotions are not right. "So the musical actors have a high demand for their performance status in addition to basic literacy – singing, jumping, and playing. I hope that this time I will find China still have a lot of good musical actors, especially a lot of excellent female musical actors. "Observe the inside of the industry to maintain the level to attract the audience into the theater undergraduate graduated from the Beijing Dance Academy Music Professional Guo Zhen, although the music class is born, but his business experience is more than the field of musical, graduate students study in the Chinese Art Research Institute Learn to give him more dance practice opportunities.

Over the years, he has served as Dance Dancer in the well-known programs such as "The New Years of Greatness of the Greatness of the Cross-Border". He will subtly integrate the manifestation of musicals into the program.

"In the process of singing, I will join a lot of drama situations and performance space to give players, get a very good attempt." More than well-known programs will be a moreigned market. In recent years, with the popularity of music classes such as "voice into the hearts", this kind of artistic form of music drama is increasingly concerned. In some indigenous people, "Sound into the hearts" may be mostly fan effects, and how many viewers can be converted into musicals that have not been known. Guo Zhenzhi believes that the success of "Sound into the hearts" is a good thing to the musical industry. Next, it must be a trich.

The biggest benefit of "Sound into the hearts" is to promote the three words of the national on musical, which is very unpleasant. "Take advantage of fans, Guo Zhen also hopes that you don’t want to make fans demon," We said that fans thought of unclean scriptures, but I saw the fans who saw the musical "rock Mozart" in Shanghai. It is completely different. They have a queue in order to survive the box, replace the beautiful dress, and very restraint during the performance, know when to applaud, when should be singing, very discipline, the performance is very polite The queue is went to the locker chamber. If you can have such a fan, how can the music market? "Guo Zhen believes that" no matter what the audience is to see idols, you still like musical dramas, first develop a habit of watching musicals. As a musical practitioner, we have to think about how to travel this market, how to let the audience will spend money on the theater on the basis of maintaining the art and level, and enter the theater.

The market will naturally get better and better. "Wen / reporter Tian Yuting is mapped /" Beijing Story "Theater Group Coordination / Full.