Building a beautiful village of ecological livable

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Xinhua News Agency, April 25 (Reporter Qu Linyan, Wang Junlu, Square, Tang Wei) "To combine the implementation of rural people’s environmental remediation three-year action plan and rural revitalization strategy, further promotion of good experience in Zhejiang, building a good ecologyBeautiful countryside.

"General Secretary Xi Jinping recently made an important indication in the Zhejiang cadres and masses.

Everyone says that we must carefully study the important instructions of General Secretary, for a long time, solid progress, solid, accurate Metri, improve the environment, make up the short board, so that the farmers have more feelings in the village revitalization, happiness.For a long time, I have been successfully promoted, and the thousand beautiful rural areas is so muddy, and the chicken duck is more than people, and now I haven’t arrived in holidays, visitors in the village are endless.

"Baihe Village, Dongkeng Town, Jingning, Zhejiang Province, is a resettlement village, a resettlement village, gapped, through the" Thousand Village Demonstration, Wan Village Remediation ", the entire village village has a change in the earth.

"General Secretary’s instructions let us firmly have a road to walk.

Wu Haidong, secretary of the party committee of Dongke Town, said that the road is good, the village is beautiful, people come, now every household has found a way to get rich.

Ge Xuebin, the Standing Committee of the Lishui Municipal Committee, and General Secretary of Xi Jinping, the important instructions of General Secretary Xi Jinping enhanced the vast grassroots masses to enhance the confidence in the long time, and solidly promoted the "Thousand Village Demonstrations, Wan Village Remediation" project to create thousands of beautiful villages, this concept has Go deep into people. This is benefited from the firm persistence of cadres at all levels, continuous adaptation and continuous innovation, thanks to the broad participation of the broad masses of the people, active response, consensus sharing. It is considered to be the Xihu District of Hangzhou City, and the rural construction has also existed "black".

Through the comprehensive rectification of "Shanshui Lin Tianhu Road Village", the environmental improvement in village and towns, the industrial form is upgraded, and the pocket of the people also drums. Zhang Zhan Ming, secretary of the West Lake District Party Committee, will conscientiously implement the important instructions of General Secretary Xi Jinping, and promote the beautiful rural construction in the scenic spot standard, and truly write beautifully in the land of West Lake. Anji, bamboo forest after a new rain, green water clear wave, a charm of Jiangnan good scenery.

"Green Water Mountain is Jinshan Yinshan.

"On the Yuncun Village, Anji County, a huge stone monument is carried out in these 10 big words. As the origin of" two mountains "theory, Anji adheres to the greenness of the economic and social development, and has gone out of the protection of ecological and development. Production of the roads of rural homage environment in the rural human environment, the environment and wealth synchronous, "As the development phase, the construction of ecological civilization has given new carriers and connotations, but the ‘thousand village demonstration, Wancun remediation’ project is always Source of live water.

"Anji County Party Committee Secretary Shen Ming learned the important instructions of General Secretary. He said that Anji will struggle to play the mission of" template, model students ", with rural revitalization," three rural "work, continue to enhance rural areas Human residential environment, stronger to create a national rural resolution pilot zone. Due to local conditions, accurate Metri, do not engage in "political academic" "image project" in "Jiangnan Water Town" Shaoxing Keqiao, the printing and dyed textile industry embarked on the transformation and upgrading, Titan challenge Road, rural areas also from "One of Hundred Villages" to "One Village One Pin", and fully explore the beauty of characteristics.

"We must resolutely in accordance with General Secretary Xi Jinping, because of the village system, do not engage in thousands of villages," said Shen Zhili, secretary of the Keqiao District Committee. "General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out the criteria required to grasp the implementation of the rural resolution strategy." Huang Zuhui, Dean of the China Rural Development Research Institute, Zhejiang University, believes that "the local system should" should travel with Yiji Yew For the goal, classify "10 million projects", focus on building central villages and rural new communities, improve the living environment, improve service functions, and improve radiation and drive. "Precision Steel" should also adhere to the planning. According to the Zhejiang Agricultural Office, Zhejiang has formed a "1 + 4" county, the "1 + 4" county, the construction plan of the county beautiful rural construction plan, the plan, the centralized rectification plan, the maintenance and culture of the historical and cultural villages, and the protection and utilization plan of the county. Rural construction planning system.

Zhejiang cadres and masses said, next, Zhejiang should follow the important instructions of General Secretary Xi Jinping, based on the characteristics, put the full build ecological livable rural environment and promote the integration of rural production and life, so that the new period "10 million project" and beautiful villages Construction has endurance and construction vitality, sustainability.

Improve the environment, replenish the short board, let the majority of farmers have more happy feelings "One thing is one thing, one year, then one year, build good ecological livable beautiful villages, let the farmers revitalize in the country There are more feelings, happiness.

"The important instructions of General Secretary Xi Jinping, let Zhejiang’s cadres and masses have firmly determined the" 10 million project "promotion, adhere to the" people’s perspective ", and put a piece of people’s livelihood as a powerful point, gradually solve the people concerned. Things. Pujiang Ming Village, Jiangnan Mountain Village Green mask

However, the past "Crystal Botel" Pujiang has been called "living in the garbage pile, lying in the hospital to spend money".

"The people of the people have a lot of money.

Zhang Yucheng, director of the Mountain Village Village Committee, said. Pujiang is determined, spent three years of ecological reconstruction, low-sized resignation, enterprises into the park to regulate sewage, river remediation … despite the heavy resistance, this people The initiative finally achieved success.

Today, the clear stream and long-lost grouper appear in the river, and smiles back to the face of the villagers. Moving the mud, planting a seedlings, barrier wall bricks … In the small courtyard of the farmers in the mountains of Shaowei Street, Sanmen County, Sanmen County Water Company Party Member and Cadres are enthusiastic to participate in the establishment of "Beautiful Courtyard "Activity, when the" makeup artist "of the farmer garden.

"In the past, rural people moved in the city. Now the front house is a scenery, and the city will spend money to see the scenery." Ye Xian pa said proudly. "The important instructions of the General Secretary, to promote the living environment to the grassroots environment, clear the work method, we feel excited." Yang Shengjie, secretary of the Sanmen County Party Committee, said, "10 million project" to let three rural living environment There is a significant change in production methods, and the pursuit of high quality life changes. Only "panoramic" beautiful villages can be willing to go to the countryside, gather people, beautiful economy, and beautiful life can water to the stream. Welcome to comment … Username password.