Chengdu released a silverware opinion index Yunding Mountain Ginkgo has come to the best viewing period

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  On November 11th, the Chengdu City Park City Construction Administration issued a city ginkgo appointment index in the park city, which is still the first time in China. Ginkgo Guan’er leaf index aims to facilitate the public to understand the ginkgo beauty presentation time, recommend orice point.

This year, on the basis of real-time monitoring and scientific pre-, Chengdu City Park City Plant Science Research Institute, developed the city ginkgo guanue index, and released to the society. Liu Xiaoli, Dean of Chengdu City Plant Science Research Institute, introduced that by the expert group research, according to the color phase change process of Ginkgo leaf in Chengdu, it was determined to divide the ginkgo ginkgo on the ginkgo ginkgo index into level III.

Level I: The blanket discharging rate is 10% -35%, which is in the preliminary blade yellow, and is suitable for viewing; Level II: Leave color change rate is 35% -60%, in the vanes of the blade, appropriate orientation; : The blanks of the blade are 60% -95%, almost all yellowing is to watch the best time. At the same time, Chengdu City City Construction Authority released the first period of Ginkgo applaud guidelines in 2021.

At present, the ginkgo ginkgo index of Yunding Mountain in Jinotang County has reached Class III. Other well-known ginkgo apricews, such as Baiyan Temple, Ge Xiangshan, Jinli Road, Electronic Science and Technology, Baihuantan Park, etc. It is already level I.

  Chengdu Botanical Plant Expert Zhu Zhangshun, according to the climate status this year, Ginkgo is mainly from late November to December. The first phase of the ginkgo gampto guanji Ye is from November 10th to 20th, and the subsequent guide will be launched every 10 days.

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