China Science and Technology Association held science and technology economic integration

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On the afternoon of April 28, the Chinese Academy of Science and Technology held a scheduling meeting of science and technology and economic integration.

The meeting listened to the overall advancement of "Kechuang China" overall promotion and platform construction, the technology service group construction docking, "three library" construction, etc. The Secretary of the Party Group of China Association, the executive vice chairman, the first secretary of the Secretariat, hosted the meeting, the vice chairman of the China Association, secretary of the Secretary of the Secretary, Member of the Party Committee of the China Association, secretary of the Secretary, Song Jun, China Science Association The party group member Lu Zhaiping, Wang Shoudong, Yin Yin attended the meeting.

Huaijin Peng is fully affirmed for the overall advancement of "Kechong China" and the progress of key tasks, and believes that the Association organized all units to cooperate, mutually cooperate, forming an operational plan, and focusing on stage progress, fully reflecting The cohesion and tissue force of the Association for Association.

Huaijin Peng pointed out that the Party Central Committee and the State Council have recently entered the establishment of new infrastructure, improve factor configuration efficiency, etc. to promote economic and social development, local governments have risen on transformation, green development enthusiasm, recovery and improve industrial supply chain. The necessity is highlighted, providing more opportunities and larger spaces to the Association organization.

Huaijinpeng emphasized that in accordance with the overall deployment of science and technology economic integration, strengthen the organization synergy, innovation path method, and the design side is implemented, and the key tasks of promoting the "Kechuang China" construction.

Next, we must further refine the improvement plan, do a good job in top design, strengthen mission coordination, closely related to local contacts, establish mechanisms from organizational, talent, service, incentive, etc., aggregate all resource promotion.

First, we must promote the construction of pilot city as soon as possible, strengthen the docking, optimization of the pilot program, and build a "model room". The second is to strengthen integrated innovation, to organize advantages to achieve seamless docking, innovation and demand blocking points, innovate "Mayor + Market" mechanism, promote industry digital transformation and urbanization. The third is to pay attention to standard construction, resource integration, brand protection and data sovereignty, bring more resources to the "Kechuang China" platform, let resources connect, together, live it.

The fourth is to strengthen the publicity of "Komantui China" brand, but also pay attention to the "coverage" of the network media, but also pay attention to the "top-standing" of the mainstream media. Recently, we must concentrate on do a good job in the "Science China" series of work in the "5 · 30" National Science and Technology Worker Day, enhance the social influence of "5 · 30" and "Science China" brand. In the work, we must insist on the problem-oriented, the effect is priority, start from the point, not afraid of no experience, not afraid of mug, solid results. General Office of the China Science and Technology Association, the Finance Department, Organizing the Personnel Department, Social Science and Technology Department, Science and Technology Department, International Liaison Department, Innovation Strategy Research Institute, Society Service Center, Corporate Innovation Service Center, Rural Professional Technical Service Center The main person in charge of 15 departments and units such as International Science and Technology Exchange Center, Science and Technology Communication Center, Training and Talent Service Center, Science and Technology Press, etc..