For the people to provide comprehensive life-cycle health services

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  Health is a necessary requirement to promote the comprehensive development of man is the basis of the conditions of economic and social development.

Fifth Plenary Session of the Party’s ninth "Proposal", "comprehensively promote the health of China Construction", stressed the need to "provide people with a full range of life-cycle health services", underlines our party people-centered concept of governance and serve the people wholeheartedly the fundamental purpose. Since the founding of New China, especially since the reform and opening up, reform and development of health sector achievements my country has made remarkable urban and rural environmental outlook improved significantly nationwide fitness campaign to flourish, medical and health service system increasingly perfect, the people’s health and physical fitness continued to increase, for building a well-off Social laid an important foundation.

At the same time, industrialization, urbanization and rapid development, deepen the degree of population aging, disease spectrum change, environment and lifestyle changes, but also to the maintenance and promotion of health has brought a new set of challenges.

Lifecycle health management, emphasizing the breadth of factors affect the health, social, holistic view, for a major health problem and the main factors at different stages of life, to determine the number of priority areas, intensive intervention, from a fetus to the end of life full health services and health care. At present, my country to strengthen health management lifecycle face important opportunities. For example, the economy has maintained high-speed growth has laid a solid foundation for maintaining people’s health, the consumption structure for the development of health services to expand the vast space, science and technology innovation to provide a strong support to improve people’s health, all aspects of the system more mature and more stereotyped as the field of health sustainable development provides a strong guarantee.

In the future, we may start to strengthen health lifecycle management, comprehensive safeguard people’s health from the following four aspects.

  Adhere to prevention.

General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out: "Prevention is the most economical and most effective health policy." This requires a shift from health management to "cure" to give priority to the "anti" mainly to promote the sooner, so early prevention, early management. On the one hand, to strengthen health interventions for the whole life cycle. For example, for infants and young children, focusing on the prevention of common childhood diseases, to develop healthy living habits; for young people, pay attention to keeping adolescent physical and mental health; for adults, to strengthen the prevention and control of occupational hazards; for the elderly, focusing on health education universal, improve elderly health service system.

On the other hand, to improve prevention and treatment services safeguard mechanism cancer, hypertension, diabetes and other major diseases. Increase investment. Lifecycle management involves many aspects of health and disease control public health system, medical service system, with strong public interest, the need for sound-related investment mechanism, adjust and optimize the structure of financial expenditure, increase investment.

This requires scientific and reasonable definition of the responsibility of the central and local spending, the central government may be inclined to economically underdeveloped areas in the arrange transfers. Establish results-oriented health investment mechanism, to carry out health investment performance monitoring and evaluation. Fully mobilize the enthusiasm of social organizations, enterprises, and the formation of multiple financing structure. Encourage financial institutions to innovative products and services, improve the support measures.

Develop philanthropy and encourage social and individual donations and solidarity.

  Improve the institutional system. General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out: "People want healthy development of the strategic position of priority, the whole cycle all-round efforts to protect people’s health, accelerate the establishment of sound institutional system."

Lifecycle management aspects of health, wide field, long life cycle. This requires us to deepen the medical and health system reform, accelerate the establishment of a modern hospital management system, drug supply security system, a comprehensive regulatory system and so on; the basic old-age insurance system and improve the urban and rural basic medical insurance system; perfect unity of urban and rural residents medical insurance and catastrophic insurance system the implementation of remote medical billing system; to steadily build a long-term care insurance system. At the same time, but also to promote the county health ECOWAS construction, accelerate the construction of hierarchical diagnosis and treatment system, strengthen the construction of medical and health service system. Create a good atmosphere. Strengthen health management lifecycle, it needs the joint efforts of the whole society. To step up publicity efforts take many forms, to create a good social atmosphere. Can prepare people loved reading material and literary works, and guide people to understand and master health knowledge; deeply patriotic public health campaign to promote the national civilized develop a healthy lifestyle; efforts to increase health education, universal access to prevention of diseases, such as maintaining the health emergency knowledge and skills, improve public health self-management skills.

In addition, also improve national fitness public service system, promote mass sports, harmonious development between competitive sports.

  (Author: Institute of Population and Social Renmin University of China).